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  1. Hello there,

    Welcome to CTF :)

  2. Pianogirlforgod

    Coke Vs Pepsi

  3. Pianogirlforgod

    Do you like the song Friday?

    Well.... I believe if they had not messed with her voice by computer she would have sounded great.
  4. Pianogirlforgod

    What Instrument/s Do You Play?

    I have been playing piano for 10 years. I love piano!
  5. Hey! Welcome to CTF, I'm Isaac. Hope you like it here.

  6. Pianogirlforgod

    If you would be so kind... :)

    That song is awesome! I love the background vocals! It also has a great message! R.O.C.K (Reach Others through Christ Kindness.)
  7. So as I was posting in my Title.... I'm new to this site and I am just trying to get the hang of things. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. My World revolves around Christ. He lives in me and my daily life.
  8. Mine is going to have to be... 1:Mandisa 2:Lecrae 3 Chris Tomlin How about you?
  9. I play piano and sing. I also write songs!
  10. Pianogirlforgod

    Im a newbie!!!! get to know me.

    Hello! It is great to see that you have a passion for Jesus! I do too!
  11. Pianogirlforgod

    Crud, he's taken.

    Pray for peace of mind and heart. God has someone special for you. You may not know when you will meet him or where, but time will tell. God bless.
  12. Hey, I'm Victoria and I'm 20. I just started learning the keyboard about 2 months ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. Nice to meet you :)

  13. I believe mine would have to be triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing.