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  1. Sparletta

    Is he/she the one? (Discussion)

    My church specifically warned us that there is no 'one', that whoever you marry is 'the one'. Although I agree with this it is sometimes hard for me to accept as I'm a hardcore romantic and kind of like the idea of finding 'the one', haha. Here is my church's blog post on the topic of dating, which might be helpful for some http://www.northcoastunichurch.org.au/index.php/resources/blog/entry/dating-differently
  2. I find that if there is a verse I'm having trouble understanding then reading commentary on it gives me some perspective. Matthew Henry's commentary is great although it can be a bit long winded. The bible app on my phone has several commentaries, which is helpful.
  3. Sparletta

    Don't know what to do.

    Edit: I'm definitely interested in marrying him. Just worried about the physical aspect sometimes.
  4. Ok, so I am dating this wonderful guy. He is really caring, patient, fun, funny, good-looking, and intelligent. His faith is an inspiration to me. He wants to get into ministry, and is pretty serious about finding a wife, even though he is only 20, and I am 18. We are both at university, and he wants to find a job after he leaves and get married as soon as he has enough money to move out. The problem is, he has extremely low self esteem, and is very clingy. I did not really mind these factors, at first, because I saw myself as a remedy for them, but now I'm starting to think maybe not. I really want to help him, but I'm starting to think his self esteem has become even worse since he started dating me, because I am not clingy at all and he misinterprets my behaviour as rejection frequently. His self esteem is so bad he told me sometimes he thinks even God can't love him. It's that bad. The other problem is he is extremely serious about getting married eventually, and I agree with him that dating should be with marriage as the goal. But as much as I enjoy dating him, I don't know if I want to get married to him. I know he would take care of me, and it would be fun but I worry about the physical aspect of the relationship sometimes. We have kissed but I did not really like it that much, and that made me start to worry whether I am sufficiently attracted to him to actually enjoy a physical relationship. He is my first boyfriend so I have no others to compare to. He does not believe in "dating around", as that would, in his own words, make the relationship about performance and not grace. I understand what he is getting at, however at the same time I can't help but wonder what dating other people (Christians) would be like. I feel as though I have messed with this guys emotions, because he is really attached to me, and I love him, but I often feel like it would be better to break up. If we broke up however the consequences would be severe on him and myself, but even more so on him. He would probably go into depression, and we would have to avoid eachother completely. I probably have not prayed about this as much as I should. So prayers would be appreciated.
  5. Sparletta

    Titus 3:3-8

    Powerful stuff.
  6. I'm planning to study Anthropology with social inequality being my core unit. I also plan to study art sometime later in life.
  7. Sparletta

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Michael Jackson's This is It Since I've been listening to his music a lot lately.
  8. Sparletta

    Happy Australia Day!

    Same to you all, happy Australia Day. What a blessed country we live in.
  9. Sparletta

    Looking for a job :/

    -Praying- Not trivial at all! I used to worry a lot about getting a part-time job. Although I have a casual job now I do still worry a bit about what I'm going to do after school. But I know God has great plans for both of us and He will take care of us.
  10. Sparletta

    I am taking the SAT on Saturday. =S

    Good luck, I will be praying.
  11. Sparletta

    Favorite Accent?

    My fave has got to be English.
  12. Sparletta

    Please pray for a friend (Brooklyn)

    I will pray for her
  13. Sparletta

    You Laugh, You Lose

    Sorry I don't know why it's so small.
  14. Sparletta


    I really like you but what you are doing to yourself hurts me more than you can imagine. I love you and God loves you too but you are hurting both of us, other people but most of all yourself. You have a choice whether to stop or continue with your homosexual behaviour and I will pray every day for you to make the right choice. I have cried over you because it hurts me to see you destroying yourself. I wouldn't be saying this to you if I didn't care about you. Even if you hate me for saying this I would rather live with that then having us go on pretending like what your doing isn't happening.
  15. Sparletta

    Which of these activities makes you feel closest to God?

    Definitely when singing in church.