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    My name's Ibukunoluwa. I'm 18. I'm in my second year in the university. :)
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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Talking to God, listening to music, fashion, being happy.
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  1. ibukunoluwa

    How do I know when to stop?

    I was reading a blog recently about a woman who lost her 43 year old sister to brain cancer and it got me thinking a lot. First of all, I'm wondering if its actually God's will that the woman die of cancer. He has given us authority over everything after all, including sickness. I started asking myself questions like: 'did she have faith that God could heal her?' 'Did she want to die after going through so much pain and chemotherapy? 'Did God want her to excercise her faith and pray for healing?' 'Will she be forgiven for not praying constantly and tirelessly for God to use her case to touch the lives of unbelievers around her at that critical point in her life? 'Why???' I want to know if -when/if i ever find myself in a similar situation- I should resign myself to fate and prepare to meet my?? Creator, Father and Friend. Or should I 'pester' Him with prayers and become a living testimony of His Grace and Healing power? How do I know when to step back and let life happen to me or let God happen to me? How do I know when to stop?
  2. ibukunoluwa

    protection over my mind and heart

    We're are here for you dearie! N praying for you too
  3. ibukunoluwa

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    i wish they knew they could be a total crick in the neck sometimes...most of the time lol
  4. Hi, I'm Rae, and I'm from Canada. Welcome to CTF! :)

  5. Welcome to CTF! :)

  6. I'm wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt with a huge crucifix on the front, a skirt and my favorite flip flops
  7. ibukunoluwa

    New member here

    Welcome Harris!
  8. I've heard people use that line "Jesus ate with sinners" in arguments like this all the time BUT i think we shouldn't use that as an excuse to go to clubbing. If you love dancing, like I do, it's absolutely OK to call a bunch of friends over and play good loud music in your room. It's also OK for you to plan a get-together with friends at the beach, park, pool, whatever. The music you listen to should be clean though. I know a lot of great songs by Switchfoot, Francesca Battistelli, Mary Mary, etc that you can dance to and all. When you go clubbing, you expose yourself to a lot of things a christian isn't suppose to be exposed to all at once. You start thinking "I can impress this girl if I drink a little more Remy" or whatever it is you're drinking. Or you may think "It wouldn't hurt anybody if i flirt with this guy a little bit" Yes, Jesus ate with the worst of sinners. We forget to add that Jesus also had only three years of ministry, He already had a firm and unshakeable faith in His father. The devil tried at the beginning of His ministry to make Him sin but failed woefully. In my opinion, Christians shouldn't be found in clubs at all. If you want to witness to unbelievers there are other places to do so that will not tempt you to sin. One more thing, "So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat meat again as long as I live--for I don't want to cause another believer to stumble." 1 Corinthians 8:13 NLT In our case, this verse should read "So if going clubbing causes another believer to sin, I will never go clubbing again as long as I live--for I don't want to cause another believer to stumble"
  9. ibukunoluwa

    God Doesn't Love Everyone

    I totally agree with what @rockforGod said. God loves everybody according to John 3:16. He sent His only begotten Son aka a member of the Holy Trinity in the form of a man to die for our sins and redeem us from the powers of Hell. If God didn't love everybody He would have sent Jesus to a group of people which would most likely be the Israelites because He called them His chosen people. Unfortunately, not everybody loves God the way he wants us to love Him. And because of this, they will go to hell. If you don't love God you cannot obey His commandments. Yes, He does know beforehand those who will turn to Him but He doesn't make them do this. The same way he doesn't make unbelievers choose not to believe in Him. Romans 5:8 says "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." It is now left to everyone to choose what to do, which way to go. It's the freewill he has blessed us with.
  10. ibukunoluwa

    A Prayer for my (future)Husband

    I love this thread
  11. ibukunoluwa

    Waiting on God's Time... totally stinks

    I'm 18. I've been in 4 relationships, 2 within this past year. That was before I became a believer though. I think relationships nowadays are overrated( trust me on this one). A girl should not seek fulfillment in a man. That wasn't God's main purpose for creating us females. When you feel incomplete or left out because you aren't dating, *shrugs* it just doesn't seem right to me. Honey, God's time is always perfect. We wont always understand His plans but we can be sure that it'll work for our good because we love God. Pray to God about it. tell Him what kind of boyfriend you want, dont just ask for a boyfriend (lol) and if it is in line with His will, He will give you a boyfriend. One he chose for you by Himself.
  12. ibukunoluwa

    Fashion Tastes/Brands

    I'm pretty eclectic and I can hardly ever make up my mind about what to wear. When i do though, I pick out stuff that can cope with the permanently hot weather in Nigeria. Skinny jeans and a short sleeve blouse most of the time. Lots of bracelets,barely-there or never-there make up and pink nail polish.
  13. ibukunoluwa

    what clothes should christians wear?

    I can relate to this because im a new christian (a month old:redface:). But I know God wants his children to dress modestly(female and ,yes, male). The problem is drawing the line between decent and indecent. We can start by ruling out: 1. dresses above knee length 2. blouses that show or even HINT cleavage 3. tight dresses 4. tight blouses To draw attention away from your body, you could wear nail polish and make up (not too much) and colorful footwear. That way, when a guy is talking to you he wont be staring down your chest or any other inappropriate body parts lol
  14. ibukunoluwa

    What is the meaning of your first name?

    Ibukunoluwa: blessing of God Esther: star/myrtle(depends on which language you're interpreting it from)