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    My name's Anna. I just graduated high school in May of 2011. I went to school for cosmetology. I'm still trying my best to search for God more but it def. hasn't been easy for me these past couple years. I'm not currently going to school right now because I have no help with it so instead I just work my butt off haha! I love chatting with people and getting to know others. Anything else ya wanna know just ask (:
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    I love sports like soccer and softball. Cutting hair is my favorite thing I learned in Cosmetology. Shopping is fun and I love going to my all girls small group every other week. I love knowing that I've helped someone out for the better and that I may have changed their life (:
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    sales asscioate at Rue21 and crew member at Wendy's
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  1. I suppose. What are you in school for?

  2. ha not really. i gotta do what i gotta do though lol.

  3. You sound so busy. Do you enjoy work and school?

  4. coleraincutie9692

    Two questions

    favorite story: probably the story of Moses least known: hard choice but i'm just gonna throw out one I never had heard before this year which was the story of Samuel
  5. its either work or school most of the time. weekends im up early when i babysit and stay the night the night before and the kids are up early lol

  6. Why do you have to get up early?

  7. haha yes it is indeed lol. but yeah sorta in a way lol. i hate to get up early but now its just become a habit.

  8. That's a shame sleeping is the best. Are you a night owl

  9. haha well thats their choice to watch them. i love horror movies but i dont watchthem much anymore cuz i get really bad night terrors from them sometimes and i barely sleep lol

  10. It's always bad. People like being scared from scary movies.

  11. ha well im sure every person you ask doesnt like to be scared lol. i used to be afraid of heights on roller coasters but once you get over the bigger hills the first time and get used to it, its a lot more fun (: ha i guess bicycles arent that bad.

  12. Yeah I'm not very fun. I also don't like heights or being scared. I like bicycles though

  13. really? i love them!!