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    I'm 15 and a Gamer Woot!
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    Playing xbox, reading the bible, praying to God.
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  1. ----- I wasn't sure if there was already a forum for this... if it is forgive me. ----- My Xbox live gamertag is ASTRON4UT *Or astron4ut in lowercase so you can see it has a 4 in it* The games i play is --Mainly-- Black ops Gears of war 3 --Games i have-- Black ops Gears of war 3 Call of duty World at war Blacklight tango down Borderlands Dark void Deus Ex human revolution Dragon Age 2 Homefront Mass effect Minecraft Prince of persia TFS Hawk 2 --Games I'm getting-- Black ops 2 Medal of honor warfighter Halo 4
  2. Lol i bought this game the i think 3rd or 4th day it came out USED! I'm glad i did because i got me a full refund
  3. The only bioshock that i liked was Bioshock 2. The multiplayer was fun
  4. When i kill a boss on dark souls. Lol
  5. I have the game for Xbox lol. Gamertag ASTRON4UT
  6. Yeah i play it almost everyday my gamertag ASTRON4UT. The second "A" is a 4
  7. Dark void for Xbox 360.
  8. Well i dear say i have a few. People who looks like they want to start a conversation with me but don't come up to me and talk. 1)Loud noises 2)people who stares at me 3)people who are arrogant and ignorant 4)people who call me "Dawg" 5)people who use famas on black ops. its only okay when i use it! 6)Guys who treat their girls like crap 7)People who think Anime is a cartoon.. Naruto is anime, spongebob is a cartoon.. learn the difference. 8) People who reply with one word after i sent them a text that took me a whole minute to write.
  9. I can't really say i have, or not that i remember. Isn't a lucid dream like an outer body experience? If so then i don't trust that. Might not wake up ;(
  10. Well let me tell you from a guys point of view, well my point of view.. i wouldnt know that you have a crush on me unless you tell me :/ or show obvious signs that you like me.. get what im trying to say?
  11. He comes like a theif in the night, he could come in 5 minutes we wouldnt know until he comes, right?
  12. Thanks alot, this really helped (:
  13. So what you're saying is that he can swear and do evil all he want and he will go to heaven because God loves him?? and swearing is a sin, is it not?
  14. Hello, so i was talking to one of my cousins and i was telling him how awesome our God is and how he should praise the lord because he will deliever us from evil. And i was also teaching him how to be good because i'm his older cousin and he looks up to me. So he started saying hes going to try and be a nice person so we can spend time in heaven with each other. So then my other cousin comes in and he was saying how im ( me ) an atheist and im not God and im trying to be like God and then he started cursing and telling my other cousin to do bad things and saying that he will change when God comes to him face to face saying to stop. Then i said " He is you're just not listening!" so after he started cursing and telling my cousin to do bad i was telling my cousin to do good.. so it was like a tug of war. and i feel really sad because i love my cousin and i dont want to see him in hell.. i told them Jesus is coming again and he will be coming like a theif in the night.. i was like "he can come in 5 minutes and what will you do?" but he didnt care.. he just still started cursing.. i dont know what to do i know God wont hold me accountable because i warned him more than twice to repent his sins and accept Jesus Christ as is lord and saviour. am i doing something wrong? is he not spiritually ready? or is it just that im stronger spiritually than him? or does the devil have a strong grasp on him.. I apologize if you cant read this message clearly i'm really upset right now.