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    Honestly, God is amazing, he will just change your life in a postive way. Dont give up on him. I myself, I just want to become closer to him like never before, thats his Holy Spirit overflows upon me. I just want to leave my past ways and go further and further upon this journey. But God Bless you all and remember that God loves you and dont let others chose your identity, God has a plan for you. You can message me at any time.
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    Soccer, school, photography, youth group, JESUS <3
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  1. I'm a sophomore. I did AMAZING first semester. Worked my butt off and got a 4.0 GPA and a class rank of 68/470. I don't know if that's really good. But okay I got a few classes changed and I completely regret it!!! My grades are not where I want to be as I have 1 C and 1 B. I'm scared I won't do good 2nd semester and get a lower rank. My grades mean the world to me. And if I know I'm making a b or c I feel like my life is over, no good university for me and no success. Someone helppp. I can't change back to my old classes, its too late. What should I do?? Lord help me!
  2. Ive latley been praying for someone i can call my best friend. Im struggling with loneliness. Ive been praying for true friends for a while now. I dont know what I'm doing wrong cause ive never felt so lonley and desperate in my life. What should I do?
  3. Today this girl spit on my face and my friends just stood there and laughed so i walked away. I wanted to punch her or spit back but i couldn't do it. Its just not me. I went home and just cried. No one even checked to see if i was ok. Even in class when i try to talk, no one listens, i get ignored all the time. I have absolutely no friends. I even feel like this with my family, im always unheard and ignored. Someone tell me why am i alive? its worse cause i sometimes feel God doesnt listen to me. I pray, and nothing. I just give up.
  4. Okay im a sophomore in high school. In all advanced classes. I have an instagram, facebook, twitter. My problem is sometimes i spend hours on these sites. The sad part is i usually just look at the pretty girls pictures and their awesome lives wishing i was them. It depresses me to see them get so many comments saying oh your so pretty But and i dont have 1 comment about that on mine. I've never even been called pretty on a social site which depresses me. But at the same time, what would i do on my phone? No one texts me anyways except my family. Im basically a loser. But if i did delete all my social sites, i would be more focused on school and less other ppl. But i dont want to regret deleting it afterwards. Someone pls help. New semester and i want to start off with a good start.
  5. Okay so last summer i decided that i was gonna give my all to God and even stop listening to music like Drake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, 2 Chainz...etc. I deleted all that music from my phone and turned to music like Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Kari Jobe... etc. For 3 months i didn't listen to 1 rap song. It was amazing. I was even praying more. But when school started i kinda drifted back to my old songs. Its high school and thats all people sing is rap, pop. Some girl even asked me if i knew some new song that came out and i said no and he was like what planet do u live on. So i felt left out, i started listening to rap and stuff. I started praying way less, and well yeah. Idk what to do. Can someone help me? Should i completely delete the rap/ inappropriate songs and go back to holy songs? Or what? Cause one of my new year resolutions was to become closer to God.
  6. Growing up I've always been bullied. Ive been called fat, ugly, stupid,people make fun of my name, they say its the dumbest thing they've heard and ever since ive hated my parents for that. No one knows what i go through every day. I have no friends, no one to talk to. My family never understands me but if i tell them whats going on they will just say oh get over it, its not a big deal, which never helps. The pain is too strong. Im tired of always being made fun of. Today a bunch of guys and some girls from my team were just staring at me and laughing so hard. I ask them whats funny and they say nothing but keep laughing. But i did hear my name so for sure they were talking about me so i just got my stuff and left. Things like this make me want to hurt myself. im always wondering why me God? As i am crying my eyes out. Why cant i be that one popular girl that every one thinks is so pretty and cool. Ever since 3rd grade i have been so insecure, shy, quite. Im scared people will make fun of me so i avoid the popular people. Honestly i didnt know life could suck this bad. please someone help me before i do something i regret.
  7. My first year at this school and I'm a sophomore. so i had to start all over. everything is fine, my classes are good but the problem is lunch time. everyones favorite time of school. but not for me. im stuck sitting with people that i can tell they don't even like me. they don't care for me. they always leave me out in conversations and stuff. i always try to walk with them in the halls because i don't want to seem like a loner. because in the past I've been told i always look lonely walking down the halls, like i have no friends. i was so ashamed cause it's true. I'm tired of being in this situation where i have to try my hardest everyday to fit in with people who don't care for me. sometimes when i feel completely left out, i go stay in the bathroom the whole lunch. i don't have anyone to sit with and the last thing i want to do is sit all alone. I've prayed about this situation so many times asking God to make a way for me or bring me a friend or something. i can't continue like this for the rest of the year. please someone tell me what should i do? please don't say to sit at another table. my options are to walk alone in the halls. i can get lunch and eat in the bathroom. i don't know but this is making me depressed. i hate seeing girls with there best friends all happy and there i am quiet and lonely.
  8. Im 15 and the only time i open mine is on Sunday. i don't know if that's good or bad but maybe i should be reading more? but how?? i even have a bible app
  9. i look in the mirror and hate what i see. I always try to do my make up perfectly but i still don't turn out feeling satisfied. im always getting called ugly... ive never been called beautiful by a guy or anyone. i hate seeing prettier girls who get all the guys and attention, some just naturally beautiful. and heres me, insecure and ugly. im done seroiusly. ive tried everything. i always daydream of being that one pretty girl but that will never happen. i will never be happy :/
  10. I'm a sophomore who has just moved to a new school. I was so excited thinking I was going to make many new friends, fresh new start and everything would be better. Wrong. Ive prayed for abbest friend but no one. I feel like I'm forever one. I always keep my problems to myself as I have no one to talk to. My family doesn't even understand. I pray all the time but I feel like nothings happenening. I sit with a group of people at lunch who always leave me out, when I try to talk they ignore me, so now I've decided to skip lunch as I have no one else and I don't want to look more like a loser sitting alone. I hate my personality. I don't even know what to do. I wish I could go back to my old school but I know I will get ignored too as I was before. I cry to God mostly every night wondering why my life is going this way. What should I do? I'm tired of having no social life, being ignored.
  11. I feel lonley, no one to talk to. I'm always studying doing homework. I don't even have a social life anymore and it's really sad. I'm a sophomore in high school and well I've never been in a relationship seriously. I'm just really confused right now. I just want to be happy for a change. Try something new. But at the same time I feel like I'm not good enough to be a girlfriend. If a guy does find me attractive I always wonder why me? There's way more prettier girls than me. It's so frustrating. Please help me.
  12. It's my sophomore year in high school and I'm going to a new school. Half of me is so excited as I can just start fresh, and show people who I truly am. At my old school I didn't like who I was. I was trying to be like everyone else. But I'm done with that. This whole summer I have been building a better relationship with God. I've been praying for this school year. I'm scared to be judged, laughed at. Ever since elementary I was being called ugly or people never noticed me. I became so insecure. My 7th grade I started wearing makeup, doing every single thing I could do to not be ugly or a loser. But by the end of freshman year I realized this isn't who I want to be. I hated my life. U just thank God he gave me an opportunity for a new start. But I'm so nervous. I don't want to mess it up. I'm scared for the first day. What should I do? And do you think that God has heard my prayers and will help me?
  13. First thing i do when i wake up, check my phone. I check my facebook, twitter, instagram, then i go watch tv. i try to stop but i cant. what else am i suppose to do? im home bored. i try to read the bible but always end up on my phone. i seriously need help. all day longg im glued to my phone and tv. i should be glued to my bible but i barley touch that.
  14. I call myself a Christian but honestly, i barely read the bible. i recently bought a journal to take some notes in from church. i write down the bible verses and stuff. Even a pastor told me i need to spend less time on the computer and tv and read more of the Word of God. But i dont know how! i dont know the people, who they are. i tried with John but i got bored by the 4th chapter. whats wrong with me!! i really need to get my life straight. i need to pray more, read the bible more. please help. idk where to start. my mom even wants to share the Word with me but i never do!!