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  1. Just curious as to what CTFers are reading in this new year
  2. kb5462

    Body Gossip

    So, this is a project that my university runs during Eating Disorders Awareness Week (which is part of a wider initiative), where anonymous submissions are displayed in an exhibition about how we feel about our bodies. They can be paragraphs, one-liners, essays, poems, pictures etc. but it's designed to highlight the different ways we interpret our appearances. I'm genuinely very curious whether on an internet forum, we're more likely to get people who are more body-positive or more body-negative. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like on how you feel about your body, or just answer the poll.
  3. kb5462

    So Long

    Gang, it's time I bid you goodbye. CTF's been a big part of my internet life for nearly 5 years, but I'm cutting the cord. Life's getting in the way, and realistically, I'm not dedicating any time here. New pastures, etc. I think I'll be around until the end of this week (Sunday), so if you want to keep in touch, send me a PM and we can work something out. So, for old time's sake... Grumpy Cat out.
  4. The Kennedy family (especially Kennedys in politics) The Rwandan genocide Unsolved murders, especially those of serial killers, in the United States
  5. kb5462

    Will/do you watch the Olympics?

    I'll watch a lot of them. My family are individually interested in various different sports, and we're all interested in things like athletics, so the coverage tends to be on in the background a lot even if we're not paying huge amounts of attention to it.
  6. kb5462

    Historical RP interest check

    This would probably grab me (I won't be able to do anything until a week tomorrow tho). I'd be happy with most periods, but I do have a soft spot for the 20th century
  7. I'm off roadtripping in Europe, so I'll be gone 24th-1st. See you on the other side, kids!
  8. kb5462

    Breastfeeding in public

  9. kb5462

    Breastfeeding in public

    Breastfeed wherever is necessary, whenever is necessary. Boobs are for feeding babies, so it shouldn't perturb us to see them used as such. Women shouldn't have to cover up to do it, and anyone uncomfortable has the ability to just look away.
  10. kb5462

    Your Translation?

    NIV for all-round use as I like the to-the-point, no-frills way it reads. I have versions of KJV, Good News, ESV and Revised Standard that I'll also dip into for different reasons, depending on what I need.
  11. I wish we had more of a running community on CTF... time to do some research and see if I can find a good forum for it!

    1. PlasmaHam


      I'm here! But I guess I don't really count as a community.

    2. GearheadGirl-440ci.


      I'm here too! ...But I don't count either. lol

    3. Chris-M


      Tell me if you find anything.

  12. kb5462

    What book are you reading now?

    Blood on the Walls: Memoirs of an Anti-Royalist from Miner's Row to Royal Palace - Willie Hamilton Engaging, honest and very very witty - I'm really enjoying it, and different stuff to my usual list of travel writing, running books and history that I usually read over my summer holidays.
  13. kb5462

    Beating your children

    I come from a home where my parents consider raising your voice to be vulgar and so don't do it (I've heard my dad shout maybe.. 5 times, if that?) and punishments were never physical, so I know it's perfectly possible to raise children to be well-mannered, polite and respectful without resorting to physical violence. I really dislike the idea of raising children with the idea that "I'm sorry" means "please don't hit me". Whilst I firmly disagree with physical punishment (spanking, smacking etc.), however, I appreciate that other people see it differently and experienced physical punishment at home that was reasonable and considered. Used rarely, and as a last resort, I can understand why parents choose physical punishment. Punching a child in the stomach or the head is abuse, plain and simple. Heavy blows to the stomach (think adult power onto a child or teen's body) runs the risk of doing significant damage to spleen, liver or kidneys, which can lead to massive internal haemorrhaging - and it's easier to achieve than you think. We pull kids out of sports because of concussion - how much more damage would a direct blow to the head potentially do? In short, there's a massive difference between a swat on the rear or the backs of the legs, and full-on assault.
  14. kb5462

    What book are you reading now?

    Running from Shadows: my Marathon des Sables - Mark Roe
  15. kb5462

    Income Inequality

    I don't have time for a long post rn, but just wanted to jump in with a book rec. on this topic for anyone who's interested: The Cost of Inequality: Why Economic Equality is Essential for Recovery by Stewart Lansley. Really good!
  16. Generation Jihad ep. 1 0/10, do not recommend, this is terrible. Documentary series about Muslim extremism that offers 0 intelligent or useful insights.
  17. kb5462

    What book are you reading now?

    ​Loathe Thy Neighbour: What Would Happen If We Never Talked About Immigration Again? - James O'Brien
  18. I have this real desire to do an ultra-marathon. My common sense says no, my body definitely says no, and yet my sense of adventure says YES.

    1. PlasmaHam


      I'm totally with you.

  19. kb5462

    What book are you reading now?

    Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness - Scott Jurek
  20. kb5462

    Is Islam a bad religion?

    I personally don't actually think moderate Islam (aka the Muslims I've been surrounded by my entire life) is bad* and I also don't think Islam has a monopoly on terrorism, but I do think we shouldn't shy away from critiquing its compatibility with liberal society. Two good books to consider reading: Freedom to Believe: Challenging Islam's Apostasy Law - Dr Patrick Sookhdeo ​Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Turn to Christ? - Brother Andrew I think both demonstrate clearly that there is definitely a disconnect between the Islam we experience in the West and that which is occurring elsewhere in the world. BTW, PlasmaHam - No True Scotsman works both ways. You can't say that anything other than literal interpretation of the Qur'an is not 'true' Islam (i.e. people "ignore" facets of it). Differing interpretations occur in every religion with a sacred text (Christianity, for a start - we have hundreds of denominations!). *Just to clarify I obviously think Islam is untrue.
  21. Went to a Tai Chi class for the first time today!

  22. Happy Birthday, America! I hope everyone on the other side of the pond has a joyous and restful day - here's hoping you enjoy your celebrations :)

  23. kb5462

    What was the last movie you watched?

    13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - I wanted to hate it but I actually just really enjoyed it. Trumbo - I liked it a lot, but thought 13 Hours was better (I watched them the same night!)
  24. kb5462

    What book are you reading now?

    Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church - by the Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe
  25. kb5462

    EU and Brexit

    Sorry I didn't reply immediately, I was away for the weekend! I think the problem is that you're applying an American mindset to a totally different continent, with a very different history that's shaped its outlook. Being a 'superpower' actually isn't the agenda of the European nations. Why go it alone when being a member of the EU means that you are part of the world's largest economy? It's the biggest trading bloc, the highest producer of manufactured goods, first in the world for inbound/outbound international investments, top trading partner for 80 countries (bearing in mind the only superpower, the US, is the top trading partner for just over 20 countries), etc. etc. Economically, the EU is infinitely more beneficial that being able to call ourselves a superpower. We also spend less on the EU than we do on government admin right now. If it's military might that makes a nation a superpower, then two of the biggest players in the EU are also P5 UNSC members (realistically 6 if we're talking (P5+1). Many EU countries take a deliberately neutral position on foreign policy (Luxembourg, Ireland etc.) and one of the major criticisms amongst European citizens is the aggressive and forceful foreign policy of the US, interfering and destabilising states (I hasten to add that this is not necessarily my personal viewpoint, but the mood in general, especially amongst the young). People don't want to be superpowers, because most Europeans remember the impact of the Iron Curtain on the continent, and believe in open liberal institutionalism. Ultimately, complexity doesn't negate worthiness. I'm unashamedly pro-EU, but I won't deny it's in need of reform. The end of the Cold War and the idea of the New World Order was something we bought into so much, and I often think naively so. But the number of Bregrets and the refusal of our government to invoke art. 50 suggests we've made a rather large mistake. I think Cameron's stepping down and refusal to invoke Art. 50 might end up being a very clever political move.