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    I love expressing myself in music and colors, although I have color agnosia... meaning I can't perceive colors very well.
    I think city nightlights & open fields are beautiful. :)
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    Piano. Singing. Dancing. Drums. Books. Medicine.
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  1. Andie

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    I'm so excited about Capaldi. Definitely more excited than I ever was for Matt Smith (but that doesn't mean I hated him). I'll pass my judgment on Clara once I'm actually done watching all of the episodes with her in it. XD
  2. i can't go to the kitchen without being scolded XD or being accused of wanting to start a fire

    being small is useful when trying to get through a crowd. :D

  3. I was assigned as music director for an event on Wednesday and the theme is evangelism. I'm in desperate need songs for evangelism that can be sung by a girl, preferably. I have a list but most of them have already been sung previously, so I'm looking for songs I may have not heard of yet. Thank you!
  4. why can't you practice at all? why didn't you practice YEARS ago? XD

    Uh. .when you uh, need to look over a crowd of people? =P

  5. The thing is, I can't practice at all XD i will. there are stores where i can buy food, there's someone who can cook for me. =))

    useful when? :P

  6. I told myself I'm awesome B-) If you practice, you could get good at it XD how do you expect to survive?!

    Well. Most of the time. It caaan be useful xD

  7. Nooo way. Who told you you're awesome? ^^ Haha jk. Nothing, it's just something I really could not do XD

    I thought you didn't like being taller than most people. -_-'

  8. Yes. You're not nearly as awesome as me ;_; what's wrong with cooking? XD

    Sure, why not? I could wind up being a giant =D

  9. Andie

    Guess the person to post next

    Nopeee. Josh?
  10. I'd honestly classify both reading and writing under English =)) oh yeah i remember you once told me a long time ago that you loved cooking. we're such opposites. XD

    Not sure XD but you really still want to grow taller? 0_0

  11. teaching or writing, yes. Or maybe working as a librarian ^^ I dunno for sure yet =P Math and science are hard and boring =P I enjoy reading and writing, which I guess counts under English, languages to some degree, culinary arts, and randomness xP

    Extra sleep lets you grow more? Oooh :naughty:

  12. oh okay. XD meh, you said teaching or writing, right? haha

    whyyy? math and science are my favorite because they're very objective. XD

    so aside from english (which i deduced from your blog), what else do you like?

    hmm, actually i think you shouldn't sleep longer than that. imight speed up the growing process and... well. :lol:

  13. you mean after I'm done there? I'll be there for 2 years.

    if you call yourself clueless, then I don't even want to know what I am then XD I do know for sure what I'm NOT taking ever =P I don't wanna major in anything that heavily relies on math or science. At all.

    Well. New Year's Day I sleep around. .10. And there's been one or two times I've slept 11-12. But almost never XD It's just not me =P

  14. Andie


    Really just so angry at everyone right now. You're all being useless.