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    hi im Nikita , call me kita. (:
    im all blood italian (:
    Volleyball player.im alright. (:
    I love God, and Jesus christ is my savior <3
    By life goal is to read the whole bible.
    i joined this to find lovers of God.
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    Church. God.
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  1. hey kita whats up

  2. Welcome!! (Sorry for the late greeting.) (:

    Hope you enjoy it here. :)

  3. kita

    Pray for jabs <3

    Recently a 16 year old boy named Jack Jablonski was playing in a hockey game and got checked into the boards, which ended up paralysing him. i have never met him but my school is 20 minutes away. Im asking you to please please keep him, his friends, family and anyone else affected by this in your prayers! and please send the message on!! "You dont have to know someone to pray for them." #13 <3abs
  4. Welcom kita! and Welcome to the God Answers You Group.

  5. Welcome to CTF! :D I hope you enjoy it here! :D

  6. my mom pays for my three siblings cellphones and cell phone bills, they are 23 18 and 13, im 17. it was my birthday on the 12th and my gift was me paying for my new phone and i give 50 bucks a month for it... i dont get why though. why i have to pay and my siblings dont. also she pays for my brothers and sisters cars and their insurance. and yet im not allowed to get my license until i can afford my own insurance. my mom pays for my older brothers baby exspenses, and she asked to return some of my christmas gifts so she could buy him a crib. i just got my first job in october at mcdonalds, and i work 25 hours a week, but my money has to go in my moms bank account even though i payed to start my own... when my siblings have their money they work for. i also have a question.. is it legal for my mom to take money that were checks with my name on it, such as communion money and confirmation money or birthday money; all checks but they have my name on it. the thing is im a minor and ik whats mine is hers, but can she honestly take all of my money.? im moving out in 11 months and i had 9 grand. but now i have barely 2. my mom treats me very poorly but no one seems to think im right. this is only the money side of my issues with her. am i right to be upset or no? honest answers please.
  7. kita

    Would it be wrong????

    if you talked to your brother and the girl you likes aunt and they wouldnt have a problem with it then id say no its not wrong. be with the one you want to be with
  8. kita

    Ask A Guy

    why do guys talk about girls as if we are useless. i get easily offended by sexist comments by guys. and i want to know why theres no respect.
  9. kita

    friends wanted

    yeah but i mean they go cuz they have to so talking to them they still believe the same things i do but they dont care much outta the church life
  10. Welcome to CTF!!!

  11. Awesome profile colors :)

    Welcome to CTF!

  12. kita

    friends wanted

    Hi, im asking for prayers because going to school with people who dont care about God and hate whenever you talk about God; is hard to be friends with anyone. in all honesty i pray to God to help find me a good friend who loves him just as much as i do. ive been alone by myself with no one to talk to or hang with. and this is why i joined this site today. so i just need prayers to help me get out of this state of being alone and finding someone who walks the path of faith. thankyou God bless