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    Hey all, I'm Katie. Love my Savior Jesus Christ, He means everything to me. Writing & music = my life.
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    North Carolina
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    Writing, Paramore, singing, my youth group, reading, traveling, Starbucks, friends & family
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  1. littlelondongirl♥

    To all 2012 graduates

    Awww thanks! Congrats to you too, Haley! wahooooo, feels good to be outta high school
  2. littlelondongirl♥

    Pet Peeves

    HAHAHAHA. Haley, you are my hero. I laughed out loud at all of those.
  3. littlelondongirl♥

    What is the meaning of your first name?

    Kaitlyn: pure Samantha: God heard
  4. littlelondongirl♥

    CTF Marriages

    hahahaha. here we go again...
  5. littlelondongirl♥

    CTF Marriages

    Okay...since I was rejected by Josh... anyone want to propose?
  6. littlelondongirl♥

    Hi guys, I'm new :)

    Maybe I will sometime!
  7. littlelondongirl♥

    CTF Marriages

    Internet card? Really? *shakes head*
  8. littlelondongirl♥

    CTF Marriages

    I don't want him to propose to me now!
  9. littlelondongirl♥

    Who here loves Paramore?

    I think they're awesome. I'm a wee bit obsessed.
  10. littlelondongirl♥

    Looking for a job :/

    Thanks you guys! I really appreciate it.
  11. littlelondongirl♥

    Have You Ever

    ...no? ...have you? HVE danced in the shower? hah
  12. littlelondongirl♥

    Hi guys, I'm new :)

    Yeah, I have I've just never gotten around to watching it.. I'm assuming you're a Whovian (; and thanks dee! (:
  13. littlelondongirl♥

    Hi guys, I'm new :)

    a whatvian?