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  1. Jubilee-chan

    I'm moving out on my own.

    I hope everything goes well for you. It sounds like a tough job but I'm sure you will do great. After all, you were the one chosen to take care of him. Don't worry when things get rough, because God will take care of you; he is good.
  2. Jubilee-chan

    christian animes/ christians and anime?

    Yamiko-chan! I have some good ones for you! :3 Try G.A Art Design School. The anime isn't as good as the manga, but the 1st volume of the manga is amazing and totally clean. I got it a few days ago over at the bookstore and it was great. Also, I think Shugo Chara is a decent amount of clean, clean enough for me to watch it without getting mad at it lol (some animes with all the pervert stuff drive me crazy haha) If I can think of any other ones that are exceptionally appropriate I'll let you know. Also, if you just wanna talk about nerd stuff sometime feel free to message me lol.
  3. Jubilee-chan

    Handled properly or over the top?

    I feel both parties were at fault. She didn't need to go saying rude things about her poor parents to everyone on Facebook and make them feel bad. The dad didn't need to play "two wrongs make a right" and basically do the same thing his kid did to him by putting her personal information out to everyone on the whole internet. I feel that this should have been handled more carefully and privately, but perhaps its just because I'm so close to my parents that I don't understand how either person could do that to each other.
  4. Actually, I don't think He would convict you. I think he's probably happy you're moving closer towards Him and also that you're helping other people, since that's really important to Him. I mean maybe you don't pray to Jesus but you are praying to God "of the universe" which at least is somewhat closer to believing in Him than being an atheist. He does want you to worship Him specifically though, not just whatever God you think might maybe exist, because He's really into faith. I guess it's just part of love, like you're willing to trust Him entirely. He's a lot more loving that most people make Him out to be. So, if you're interested in becoming a Christian don't let anyone talk you down just because you quite aren't there yet. If you really want to have a relationship with God it'll develop over time. I think He must like you... love you, actually. I get the feeling He does, so don't worry about conviction. That will only make you feel bad, trust me. He doesn't like it when people over-worry. I know because I keep getting scolded (er, I say this in the nicest way possible, what I mean is more of a father scolding a child for running out in the street than just someone yelling at you) for worrying too much about all the mistakes I make and so on. >.> Anyways, I hope this helped you out with your question.
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    Because humans are subborn and generally don't listen the first time. =P
  6. Jubilee-chan

    Falling from Faith Because of This Question...

    Really? I'm so glad it helped you! I figured everyone would just ignore it or something, thinking it didn't make any sense. Don't worry! I'm like the queen of skeptics. One time I demanded a cake from God as a "proof" of his existance. (Um, there's a long backstory as to why a cake, but I won't go into that) As stupid as a request it was, my grandfather and my mom were at the grocery store that day, and apparently my grandfather randomly said "We should get her a cake" Lol I've never had someone randomly buy me a cake before either. And then the horrible thing is, I still doubted God afterwards, because I had asked for funfetti cake and I got a red velvet cake, which I didn't like the taste of! Isn't that horrible?! He probably picked it out because it was red and white, and those are colors I associate with Jesus. I think that's really cute He'd pick out a red and white cake. So I'm terribly ashamed at that story, and it makes me sad and embarrased to write it, but I figured I would tell it anyways because it could give you an example of skepticism getting in the way of a relationship with God. I love Him ever so much but I'm mean to Him sometimes. I really want to stop too! But things have been getting a lot better lately. For the first time, I don't question his existance anymore. I used to all the time. Ughh just thinking about it makes me so upset. But I'm going to try my best to make our relationship better, because I love Him. It takes time. It took me a while to love Him. Before, when I first started praying to Him, I just saw it as a way to save myself from dying. But now, I pray to Him just to talk to Him. I'm sure you'll get there too eventually, so don't get discouraged. It can take years; it did for me. (By the way, if you actually want to hear any more of my little testimonies, let me know, even though they're embarrasing. >.>') Oh and don't worry about praying, I'll help you. I prayed for you and your friend a few minutes ago. I wanted to let you know so you'd feel better and know that there's someone who's going to help you. ^^ I think that would be really good, to make websites like this in other languages. So maybe that's a project someone should look into, its not that it can't happen, it's that no one has done it yet.
  7. Jubilee-chan

    Falling from Faith Because of This Question...

    I was sort of afraid to answer thinking maybe I wouldn't be able to give a good enough responce, but I thought since no one else has replied yet I should say something. I find your question really interesting, because I've been trying to grapple with my life's purpose (wow, way to be humble mentioning that now >.>), and I think it has something to do with what your asking. As children of God, it's our job to reach people who don't know about Him yet or maybe haven't ever been convinced that Christianity is valid. It's really unfortunate when people are brought up in an environment where they've never even heard of Him, because they might be a really sweet person, but not know about God or have the right information; or perhaps they have heard of Him and just ignore Him for certain reasons. I used to ignore Him.... my dad is pretty religious but since we've never gotten along with each other exactly wonderfully, I associated God with my dad and decided it was annoying and I didn't want any part in it. He used to always talk about God and I was like, "who cares?" But I guess God really liked me, because he brought me back to Him. I went through a really bad period in my life; I was stressed every day and for the longest time I couldn't remember a night that I didn't cry myself to sleep. But that's what got me to start caring about God, and realizing how much he loves me. You might think that God's cruel for letting that happen to a child just starting to move into teen-hood (which is like the most confusing time of life to begin with) but as horrible as it was, I now understand why it was necessary. It was really painful, but I'm happy it happened, because it means I can help other people, and that's something that makes me feel privileged and joyful. I never used to love people and I had violent thoughts... I would have never understood the suffering of others and the true meaning of love if it didn't happen, and I wouldn't know God either. So, it's really not a matter so much of where you were brought up and who influenced you (although that can play a big part in your responce to God), because I went to catholic school, I went to church, and so on, but I didn't believe in Him anyways. It really is an individual choice. Either you take the time to listen to God and at least give Him a chance, or you just ignore it all together and that's not really gonna benefit anyone. I think a lot of people get scared away by those who emphasize how bad people are rather than how good they can become through the love and guidance of the Lord. I know that the idea of a God seems so questionable at first, because there are things that seem impossible or things that are confusing regarding Christianity. I know because I was a skeptic too. I was a skeptic until yesterday, to be honest. It took me years to finally accept Him. But relationships take time that way. I mean, people don't get married on the first date, for example. Basically, don't lose hope in a relationship with God for your friend or yourself. There's still time, and it might seem like your "messing it up" but that's what's so wonderful about Jesus; he expects you to mess up, and he won't turn you away for it, and he won't give up on you. God doesn't give up on people, they give up on Him. I hope that someday I can get people to listen about Jesus. He's wonderful, really, and I used to say horrible things about Him! So you see, anyone can do it! Pray for your friend, pray for yourself, pray for everyone to hear about God and accept him. And the people who know Him should inform those who don't or convince those who are skeptics, it's our job. If everyone does their part and teaches about God, then everyone will be able to make an informed choice whether or not to have a relationship with Him. I was nervous to write this and asked God to show me a verse which might calm me down (I've never given spiritual advice like this before) and I was presented with this nice little quote, I think it's rather fitting to this thread. "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6"
  8. Jubilee-chan

    I'm new

    Hi Amber! Nice to meet you. What type of music is your favorite? =) Do you play any instruments?
  9. Jubilee-chan


    Hi Cookie! I love your avatar hehe ^^ Anyways, nice to meet you. =)
  10. Jubilee-chan

    Really could use some assistance >.>

    You're all so helpful, I'm really thankful for your advice. Oh, well I have a question about that. How can you tell what sort of dreams/daydreams are your own weirdo imagination and which are messages from God? I keep getting plauged with stuff about rivers and fish and its kinda bothersome because I can't exactly figure out what that means. >.> Also I think he's pushing for me to get baptised, like a formal baptism with the water and all that, (I was baptised as a baby but that was kinda involuntary =P), like as some confirmation of my commitment to him... like, what if I do that and get baptised; what's gonna happen after that? Something scary? >.> Like, I think he has some weirdo plan set up for me, and he's just waiting for the right time to pop out of the sky and be like, "hey, can you like, do some ministry stuff for me?" (I'm kinda jk but seriously, it's weird being in this position....) er, I'm really not trying to sound pompous, but I'm just kinda guessing based on what I've noticed... i-in the past.... yeah. I'm really embarassed.... well, I mean, not because of God wants me to represent him, probably, maybe? Well, um more like embarassed because I don't like to assume anything! Like it's possible I'm just mistaken and I don't have some higher calling, and er, I just feel .....awkward...... o_o' Please help me, I'm so confused!
  11. Jubilee-chan

    Really could use some assistance >.>

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. I was thinking about writing a journal but then I was like, "nah that won't work. =(" However, you've convinced me that's actually a really good idea. According to what all of you have posted I'm kinda shocked to realize I'm probably more connected to God than I thought. ^^" I only pray because I want to, not because I feel morally obligated. I always feel weird trying to be all formal when I talk to him, because he's probably the person I'm closest to. For a while, I was really mad and jealous of other people who claimed to have such a great relationship with God and I got really angry at him because for some reason I felt like I wasn't getting that kind of attention myself. I tried talking to my dad about it and he got all pious like "god is so above us and blah blah blah" I felt like perhaps I wasn't being "respectful" enough and that maybe trying to be so close to God was wrong. That isn't to say I don't respect him. I have a lot of respect for him, that's why I got so jealous because I really can't live without him (believe me, I've tried.... er, it was an attempt to make him jealous so he'd pay more attention to me >.>). It's just that I love him so much that I find myself "praying" more like a conversation than some kind of formal mass service.
  12. I'm embarrassed to ask, but does anyone have any advice on prayer? I don't really mean prayer as in asking God to give you stuff, but like communicating with him... I have a really hard time figuring out what's on his mind; i.e. how he feels about certain situations and choices I have to make, because I prefer to get his opinion on stuff rather than just doing whatever I want. I feel like its all just a big monolouge though and I never get any responce back from him. I would assume that's probably something wrong with me, but a lot of times I just feel like he's ignoring me. I mean, I'm like 99% sure he talks through my mom a lot, but lately she's been pushing me in a career path that I like but consider a secondary career when my main concern is to become a mangaka, (that's like my nerdy dream ) I can't figure out if it's her own love of fashion or if I'm being told that my original direction for a job is wrong? I don't get it though, because past events would suggest that becoming a mangaka is a more fitting option if I want to fufill my purpose in life. >.> (Yeah, I know this is so stupid, just go easy on me okay? I've got some serious problems lol) I think it's not a sign and just my mom really likes fashion design, which is okay, I like it too, but I'm not 100% sure if I should take this w/ a grain of salt or not... This is only one example of the extreme confusion that comes with wanting God's advice but either not getting it or simply being ignorant that he even responded. How can you tell when he's trying to "talk" to you? All these Christian books are like, "listening to God can be hard and takes practice" but they totally don't give you any advice on how to accomplish this.... is it even possible? I think it is... I think I've "heard" him before, but like it's so easy to confuse your imagination with the holy spirit, I don't want to make any mistakes. (Though the nickname he apparently gave me through my conscience is creepily written as 十 (Ju) in Japanese because I have a stupid tendency to call people "so and so-chan", myself being no exception, and when you do that with Jubilee, you get a cross. (Ju-chan?) O_o Another fun fact, I thought Jubilee was a French name, not a year for freeing slaves and whatever..... um, it isn't a French name, is it? >.>') So yeah, if you read all that and somehow you don't think I'm a nut, please help me! lol
  13. Jubilee-chan

    Something insane happened.

    I'd love to see it! I'm sure it's really cool; I doubt it's as bad as you say because everyone is hard on their own work. Like, for example, the comic I was making in study today was not up to my standards because the guy didn't look angry enough. It was really annoying me, although I'm sure anyone else who happened to see it would tell me "it looks fine!" ^^' Also, I totally know how you feel about having to put off your artwork for other obligations (including emotional pain >.>) I've been trying to get back into making comics this week since lately I've hit a major emotional roadblock (plus a few intense school assignments), and I've been neglecting my comics because of it. I find returning to actually drawing manga and not just reading it is surprisingly soothing.
  14. Jubilee-chan

    Something insane happened.

    I read your testimony, and we are bizarrely similar, my friend O.o Like, creepy similar lol. What kind of cartooning are you into? Political, superhero (not sure if that's actually what they call it lol), manga, etc? As for me, I'm one of those weirdos who loves anything out of Nippon, so manga is my specialty. =P (I'm almost positive people are going to roll their eyeballs at me for interrupting a serious theological discussion just to say "whoa dude, that's weird man!":shock: but the similarities between our situations were too surprising to me to ignore lol) Anyways, I'm really happy for you.
  15. You get picked on for having a French accent?! Don't take this the wrong way, but you must be adorable. I think accents are really cute. (For a anime/manga nerd, cute is one of the highest compliments a person can receive, it's not supposed to be creepy lol) Freshman get bullied only because they're freshman; believe me, my school is no different. They rigged the stupid karaoke game at the winter pep rally just so the seniors would win. It's a joke, don't listen to anyone who makes fun of you for what grade you're in. Nobody will bother you about it once you move up a grade. You won't always be like this, trust me. There actually are normal people who will like you for who you are, so don't worry.