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    "Christians aren't supposed to tell the world they are perfect, they are supposed to show the world how broken they are but prove that God can hold even the most broken people together."
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  1. kwilly12

    Happy Birthday Kellie! :D

    Thanks yall! I know I am late, but I've been busy with everything, it means so much to me. thelightthatjustis, I'm a complete Alice nerd so I loved that!
  2. No I didn't! I'm about to look!

  3. Hey! :D Did you see your birthday thread?

  4. kwilly12

    The Hunger Games

    I have read all three books, and enjoyed them. The sequels are a great addition, the two following books close a lot of open ends that needed to be answered in the first book. If you enjoy the first one then reading the other two books is a must to answer the questions you may have asked yourself after finishing the first book.
  5. I felt the same way! It is really sad but it kind of reminds me of Amanda Hockings book Zombieland, like the way the kids are acting.
  6. kwilly12

    She passed away.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my Great Grandmother, which I call Grandmother and asked for prayer for in an earlier thread, passed away earlier in the week. We are having the funeral later today and prayers would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I wish that my family life was better. I wish that I had certain friends in my life. I wish that I had someone to text/talk on the phone with until the wee hours of the morning. Some nights I wish that I would never wake up, and others I wish that the day would never end. I wish that I could just let go and relax more than I can now. I wish that I was good enough. I wish that I could not be so confused and just accept the little things, maybe then the bigger things would be easier to understand.
  8. kwilly12

    Heaven and Hell

    Since I am posting this in the Christian debate room I am assuming that we all believe in some form of a heaven and a hell. However, there is a lot of debate about what heaven and hell will really be like once we get there. So here it goes. What do you think.. Heaven/hell will be like? Will you be able to interact with people you have loved/hated and lost? Will pets be in heaven? Those are just a few things to get us started. I'll post my opinions about it later once the debate gets started! *I don't think there is a debate like this, if there is I am sorry!
  9. kwilly12

    Cupcake 'ATM' coming to NYC O.o

    I agree! Oh, and it doesn't take cash? I'm sorry, but for teenagers who don't have a card and like junk food? yeah, they need a cash option!
  10. I agree with 1a. However, the other two I am not so sure about. I also believe that abortion is okay if the mother was raped, especially in younger women. If a 14 year old girl was raped then I see no reason why she should not have an abortion if she and her family decided that was what they wanted to do, why take away the child hood of a child to raise another life when they have not lived their own? Now, if a 14 year old girl is going around having unprotected sex with her boyfriend or whoever she should either A, keep the baby and live with her poor choices or B, give it up for adoption.
  11. kwilly12

    Songs That Makes You Cry...

    Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood You are More by Tenth Avenue North
  12. Black and white, splatter painted curtains and furniture, and black and white pictures on the walls. Oh, and a poster of William Faulkner on my wall.. He is shirtless, in short white shorts, smoking a cigar, and wearing white keds with tube socks!
  13. kwilly12

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!