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    I am a miracle child , whe n I was born I wieghed 1lbs and 9 ounces. I am adopted and have 7 other brothers and sisters. I'm 14 and lovin it!!!
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    I like to read write listen to music play the drums
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    non denominational I dont know what I am!!
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    Cleft of the Rock Family Church
  1. AngelMaurie

    Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at your door

    I'd tell them the truth and if they wanna stick to their ridiculous beliefs... Not my problem. I will do the same thing to each Jehovah's witness that knocks on my door.
  2. Wow! Amen, I also saw th vid of th man and th semi truck, that was very powerful and moving too. our God is an awesome God!!!!! AMEN!!!
  3. Afternoon, ma'am.

  4. AngelMaurie

    Short shorts

    Iwear Kari's most the time.
  5. AngelMaurie

    Would you _____ with me?

    would you climb the tallest mountain with me? This is to good!!!
  6. hey, winterlong will you marry me?

  7. Jesus Loves you. Smile.

  8. ok! first of all judging by your name your a guy right?

  9. Are you sure I feel a little akward asking you this. Really akward. It's a weird question, sort of. So are you sure?

  10. Are you sure? I feel a little akward asking you this.

  11. Hey Max Power, can I ask you somethin ?