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    Hello! My name is Caleb. I'm a human from earth. I'm 22 years old, I've got one heart, and I can't fly a plane! If you understood the reference I just made, you are officially authorized to be my BFF.

    Anyway, I'm married to a wonderful woman named Ashley, with two lovely kids, and I am a Christian. Yeah, I'm some bizarre kind of Reformedish evangelical Protestant. I've grown up in the Baptist world, grown into the Reformed world, and enjoy some good help from N. T. Wright, T. F. Torrance, Karl Barth, J. Todd Billings, John Calvin, and on occasion those weird Federal Vision guys like Leithart and Wilson
    Other stuff about me: Doctor Who is my favorite TV show. I moderately enjoy without shame some Christian contemporary music and much Disney stuff. And Wicked! I think Owl City and bow ties are cool. Computers, Android, and some other tech stuff are my specialties. I enjoy reading and writing. 4 8 15 16 23 42. Forth Eorlingas!
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    Gallifrey (hiding at the end of the universe)
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    Theology, programming, reading, writing, research, debate, Android hacks, some physics, Owl City, Christian music (including Casting Crowns, Avalon, Sidewalk Prophets, Tenth Avenue North, Relient K)
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    Delivering pizza
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    Homeless Protestant (Reforming Evangelical)
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    Caleb (aka Macadamia Daze, Mixen Dixon, Slave of Elyon, Nicene Nerd, the Doctor)

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  1. Nicene Nerd

    Yay or nay?

    Yes, and yes. In fact, most pagans in history who became Christians either converted because of friendships or the law.
  2. Nicene! you've returned!

    1. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      I pop in here and there, and mostly only post to punch heretics in the face.

    2. Jesusismyticket


      XD they need it!

  3. Nicene Nerd

    Opinions on drinking?

    This is not quite true. There are types of Pentecostals out there who disagree, and I know them. No, you do not, because the Bible says that drinking is a good gift from God, not a sin. People in the world also sleep and eat and work and talk and cry and do nice things and play games and wear shoes. Should we stop doing all of those things, too? I don't think you understand the difference between the world and the Church. The Church should be different from the world, but that means drinking differently, refusing drunkenness and wickedness, not simply not drinking. Just because people in the world do something the wrong way doesn't mean that Christians can't do it at all. Christians must simply do things the right way. Your logic would prevent us from doing literally everything, including such simple things as talking about the weather and breathing.
  4. Nicene Nerd

    Opinions on drinking?

    So you're saying that you're going to believe whatever your church tells you to believe even if it flatly contradicts God's Word?
  5. Nicene Nerd

    Opinions on drinking?

    This is not what the Bible says. The Bible says that wine is a gift from God to mankind. Jesus drank real wine, not fake stuff. Wine was a part of Passover. Jesus commanded us to take Communion, which always had to be wine until grape juice was invented. People in the world also eat fried chicken and play Monopoly and make art. I guess Christians shouldn't do those things, either. No, it is definitely you who are doing this. There is no way to read the Bible seriously and in context and come to believe that wine-drinking is wrong.
  6. Nicene Nerd

    Opinions on drinking?

    This is completely not true at. Historically, alcoholic wine was what Jesus would have been drinking, especially at events like Passover. And "wine that doesn't have alcohol" doesn't exist. The closest thing is grape juice, which didn't exist until relatively recently. You are quite wrong. The Bible says in Psalm 104:15 that God gave mankind wine to make us glad. Forbidding certain foods and drinks is what Paul condemns in Colossians 2:20-23 as rules which look wise but are really useless and worldly.
  7. Nicene Nerd

    Can you be gay and believe in god?

    I take it you have never once opened a Bible?
  8. Nicene Nerd

    Jesus christ will not be returning

    While I agree with your basic point, the verses you mentioned here are most likely about the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 rather than the End.
  9. Nicene Nerd

    Jesus christ will not be returning

    My views have changed quite a bit on this matter in the two years since I made that post. It was fulfilled gradually, with a foretaste given in the Transfiguration and the actual fulfillment occurring from Christ's resurrection to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. This was not a prophecy of His literal, physical return to earth (though that is still going to happen someday).
  10. Nicene Nerd

    Girls Swimwear Question

    Literally everything has to do with Christianity. There is no sphere of life which is unrelated to God, for He created all things.
  11. Nicene Nerd

    Need advice on parents

    It sounds like your parents are on the right track to me.
  12. Nicene Nerd

    Identity in Heaven?

    Sadly, the heretical view that only our spirits or souls experience eternal life is a common misconception these days. But the New Testament really only talks about the resurrection of the body. It only mentions our disembodied state between death and resurrection in passing once or twice. The paradigm for our future is what happened to Christ. He died and rose in the same body with the same identity, and what the New Testament promises is that, because we are united to Christ by His Spirit, what happened to Him will also happen to us. Coming to realize this more clearly is one of the most interesting and exciting things that happened to me in Biblical study.
  13. Nicene Nerd

    Opinions on drinking?

    Psalm 104:15 also teaches that God has given mankind wine to make their hearts glad. Wisdom often comes from balance or even clashing opposites. To stick to any one side (avoid alcohol or overdrink all the time) is where foolishness begins.
  14. Nicene Nerd

    Identity in Heaven?

    There is quite literally no reason at all to think we even might lose our personal identities in "heaven." But first, what do you mean by "heaven?" Do you mean where we temporarily go after we die, without body or senses? Or do you mean the New Earth on which we will physically live after the resurrection for all eternity? Bear in mind that, in the end, we will spend eternity in the same physical bodies we have no, only renewed. So why not the same mind/soul/consciousness? But it is correct to say that there will be no marriage in the age to come (Matt. 22:30 answers the question rather directly).
  15. Nicene Nerd

    Shameful for women to speak in church?!

    Less so on academic topics, though. And lots of people editing over each other often leads to something of a more or less realistic equilibrium.