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  1. So I never take any sort of medicines for my cramps. Usually I use pineapple juice, which surprisingly helps! x3 As for period stories.. I don't know that I have any interesting ones off the top of my head. xD
  2. I find it amusing that I have so many interests. xD I adore singing, dancing, acting, reading, writing, outdoors, animals, photography... I dabble in a lot of different stuff. Those are pretty much the constants though.
  3. French horn, flugelhorn, and singing should count. ;D But I don't have a favorite composer. I'm varied on styles and things.
  4. I know that when I get close to my period my depression acts up and I often become suicidal. Be careful about this, and definitely talk to someone. Chances are, you already have a chemical imbalance that is made worse by increased hormones. Talk to a doctor or psychologist if you need to.
  5. When I hear God, it's like the concept of thinking. You know how you don't have a specific voice that you can identify when you're thinking, but you know it's you? That's sort of how it is with God to me. When He speaks, it comes with a feeling of pure peace about whatever it is He's telling me. He speaks to me when I come to Him with agony, emotions so strong and a desperation so powerful that He knows I want to interact with Him with every fiber of my being. To hear God, I have to pour everything into it. Prayer, worship with the mind, heart, voice, body. I let go of everything, no matter where I am, if I want to hear God. Fasting also works well. (Note: When I say fasting, I don't necessarily mean from food. Fasting is from anything that you find valuable and adore, especially if it gets in the way of God. Example: I love the internet and spend a lot of time on it when I could be doing devotions or praying. So, after this next devotional series I'm going to fast from the internet to spend more time with God.) Hope I helped some!
  6. So... I'm new here. Just found the site this morning and thought it was interesting, so I joined. Not really sure what to say, so... I guess I'll say some stuff about myself? I'm Katherine (known by Kittie), and I'm a sophomore in high school. I strongly believe in God and try daily to not let apathy take the place of passion. I have a dog, two quails, and a fish. I volunteer on a farm and sing in recording sessions. I adore singing, dancing, archery, acting, the outdoors, children, and I guess just people in general. I've had a lot I've gone through in the past. Feel free to ask me about it. I'm generally pretty open, although there are some things I'm a little more reserved about at first. I guess just, if you want to, feel free to talk to me about anything. I love talking to people. c: Ja mata!