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  1. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Should Chrsitians support the death penalty?

    I personally would not vote for it, no matter what because one there HAVE been people put to death wrongfully convicted. You cannot bring those people back, but you CAN release someone from prison. The other reason is that because of all of the appeals (trying to ensure we do not put them to death wrongly) it actually costs MORE to put someone to death as opposed to life without parole.
  2. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Friends with non-Christians?

    yes otherwise how could we share the gospel, however we should be sure that they are not pulling us AWAY from Christ.
  3. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Boys VS Girls - The Saga!

  4. WomanOfChrist4ever


    that was the point we are the same person, for some reason even when an admin reset my password it would not "behave" (work).
  5. WomanOfChrist4ever

    me tomorrow

    thanks I made it through my commitments today, although my professor got the joy of seeing me break down and cry after class.
  6. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Yes or no?

    yes do you CURRENTLY go to college?
  7. WomanOfChrist4ever

    So it's a little late...

    I sometimes wear green and sometimes do nothing at all.
  8. WomanOfChrist4ever

    me tomorrow

    OK so my grandmother ( dad' mother) died on 2-16-12 tomorrow is her birthday and I am unsure how I will handle it. Please pray for me tomorrow.
  9. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Do you Fast?

    I do not, since I want to do it the traditional way( no food) however my health will not allow this.
  10. WomanOfChrist4ever

    post the post count of the person above you!

  11. WomanOfChrist4ever

    post the post count of the person above you!

  12. Not happening for health reasons go to church this week.
  13. WomanOfChrist4ever

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to CTF.