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  1. godisjust

    Need guy advice please

    if he likes you and asked you for his phone number, id suggest, giving him your number,imean he asked you out, the only way it would be selfish is if you were the one who asked him out even though your friend liked him, but you didnt, so id say its fine.
  2. godisjust

    Help me cut back on masturbation please

    take up a hobby, like chess or something,and invest a lot of time into it, dont let it just be a "oh i play tennis once a fortnight" hobby, make the hobby an everyday thing, or take an existing hobby, and focus on that hobby a LOT.
  3. godisjust

    Girlfreind Is Atheist But Respects Christians.

    dont break up with her just because you have diferent religions, that would make you look like a jerk, if it really bothers you and the subject ever comes up just tell her to ask god to come to her and you guarentee he will