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    Amazing Podcasts!

    Hey guys, Check out this guy. Fr Mike Schmitz is an amazing Catholic priest who gives lovely, relatable homilies which you can listen to as podcasts. It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not, most of what he speaks about is common to all Christianity. They're roughly 20 mins each. Really, they're great! Give it a listen while you work or commute! You won't regret it! http://www.umdcatholic.org/homiliesall
  2. Hope you're doing ok bud!

  3. NoTurningBack

    Feeling Insecure and dejected...

    Brothers and sisters! I guess i need some help or encouragement. I'm 20 and in college, have never had a girlfriend. Been with girls but never any girlfriend. I've been feeling really lonely lately. Mainly because one of the girls i kissed on 2 occassions in the past is now sitting right beside me in college, (we kissed about 1.5 years ago). But she's really acting like she's into me, then she went off and kissed another guy drunkenly last week. I was really sad and angry. Yet since, she's still acting like she's really into me, but then she goes out, gets drunk and tells me she didn't go home last night. Is she trying to make me jealous? I dont know. Then she's talking to this guy a lot that she drunkenly kissed, yet still giving me all the signs she's into me. All this confusion is compounded by my own feelings toward her. I have been hurt before in love, i've kissed a few girls but it never works out. I've spent months hopelessly in love with a girl who sees me as a friend, many times. So i'm just tired. I'm afraid to let myself like this girl, but i cant help myself. My heart is at war with my mind and i wake up everyday thinking "she's my friend" or "i love her." Sometimes i'm genuinely happy to be friends and move on, then her name pops up on facebook again and i'm back with these feelings in my gut. I'm so fed up with this. I just want to be with somebody and for it to be simple! It's always s complicated, and there's always another guy that the girl i like is into too! Sorry, i just need to vent! I know that God has a plan for my life and that God will send the right girl when the time is right but for some reason that's not giving me the comfort it should. i lack faith probably. I need help. I'm also totally inept at meeting girls too. Especially in nightclubs, i'm useless! Which makes me feel worse because i can't just go out and find another girl! Can somebody please give me advice? Thank you so much.
  4. NoTurningBack

    Question about Lying?

    We all know it is wrong to lie. Jesus said it himself in the Bible "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no." My question is this (kinda complicated.): It's 5pm and I have no plans for tonight. Then somebody asks me would I like to go out to a club with them, but I don't want to, so I say "Sorry I can't I have to mow my lawn." (Or some excuse like that.) Then when I go home, even though I had no intention of mowing the lawn, I do it anyway, just to make sure I wasn't lying and that I actually did mow my lawn. But the real reason I didn't want to go out is because I don't like or trust the person. Is that wrong or right?
  5. NoTurningBack

    Worried about family member overseas...

    Oh I have too that's why I worry! I've been away in Europe 6 times, each in a different city, going to clubs every night. I know what it's like, that's why I worry! lol I know that clubs are generally safe enough, I've always come home safe, thank God. But I have seen dangerous people and situations. But it's the first time for me to be at home and my little bro to be away!
  6. It's so annoying isn't it! I recently engaged in a long email conversation with an evangelical atheist. I sent him an angry email about something very unChristian i seen on a website, and what followed was weeks of back and forth between us. It left me very drained and annoyed. Not drained in my faith though. My faith was as strong as ever and no matter what he said, nothing changed my beliefs. Everything he said about science, morality, all his persuasions, everything fit into my Christian world view perfectly. And unfortunately he wouldn't listen to me either. No matter how much I persuaded, no matter how much evidence I threw at him, he saw me as a fairytale believer and I truly pity him for that. In the end, I had to end the talk. It was very valuable to me and I learned a lot about arguing the point of Christ. But I also learned that some people are beyond persuasion. They need God's direct intervention. Stay strong always in Christ and look for the holes in all the atheist arguments. There are soooo many holes. And here http://evidenceforchristianity.blogspot.ie/2009/01/8-really-good-reasons-why-christianity.html some ammo for you! Go forth in Christ my friend!
  7. My brother is going on vacation to Europe with some friends for a few weeks and I'm very nervous. They'll be driving a lot and going to bars and clubs. I'm really worried about his safety. (I'm a worrier!) Also I'm really gonna miss him for the few weeks. Can anybody give me some advice on how you deal with this? It's the first time for anything like this for me. Considering my fear, I can't even imagine how it feels to have a loved one overseas with the army. My God, that must be difficult. God help you if that's you.
  8. I really admire you for only adding the people you actually like. It's a hard thing to do sometimes. When everybody wants to have hundreds of facebook friends to show how cool they are. It is a very noble and Christian thing to only add true friends. It shows you care about loving friends more than what society thinks of you. So do yourself a favour and leave behind the rest of the society focused stuff, and stick to the Christ focused stuff. For example: statuses like you described "Like this and I'll rate you" etc, I've seen hundreds of these, but very soon I grew out of them and realise that it is just a means of false ego building. A Christian is much deeper than this kind of thing. Think of what Jesus would do and say, what the apostles would say. That's what I do. Try to allow Christ to show through in all your actions. Be consistent. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm ordering you or saying you're wrong, that's absolutely not my intention. What I want to do is just to encourage you, to help you grow closer to God and become a true servant of God. God bless! ---------- Post added at 07:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:06 PM ---------- Well maybe I should have read the whole thread first! Turns out everything's been resolved! Still though...
  9. NoTurningBack

    Friends in Christ?

    Bienvenue! There are many nationalities on this site! I'm Irish! This is a great place. I would happily be your friend in Christ. Mail me anytime you want.
  10. Don't worry, it is all part of God's plan for your life. Highschool is a formative stage and once you leave high school, you realise how big and great the world is! And how little that high school issues matter! What I'm saying is; this move will be great for you, it will give you perspective on life and a fresh start. Fresh start's are awesome, a chance to be who YOU are, not who your school forces you to be. Go forward in faith my friend. Know that Jesus is with you every step of the way. Great things are on the horizon for you!
  11. I just had an interview today and got the job! The thing is, i've worked here before 6 months ago and I hated it. The other staff were very unChristian and they would constantly go out to nightclubs and get into fights and then come in the next day and brag about how they beat up some poor guy! And they were always asking me to come out with them to these nightclubs, I didn't want to of course and so I ended up lying and lying so much making excuses. I'm going back to work here now for the summer. Can anybody give me some encouragement on how to handle a job like this and have faith in Christ?
  12. NoTurningBack

    Verses about Purity

    You're absolutely right. Stand up for your beliefs. Never let a guy push you into anything. God had the story of your life written before he even created the universe! So trust God and make your stand for Him! God Bless!
  13. NoTurningBack

    OCD Christian support group

    Hey there! I've struggled with ocd for 4/5 years. God has gotten me through it recently awesomely. I've never admitted my OCD to anyone, I've never taken medication or seen a doctor. But I have made great strides against OCD by just looking through my OCD to God. God has helped me realise that the fears truly aren't real. I feel safe in His arms. God is the way people. Trust Him! God bless you all!
  14. NoTurningBack

    Summer Reading Ideas?

    I would highly recommend the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin. Most people will have heard of it because it has been made into a HBO show entitled Game of Thrones (which is the name of Book 1 of the series). For anyone who likes fantasy and even those who don't, it is a riveting book. This is a new look at fantasy, there are no obvious heroes and villains, the characters are delicately crafted. They are much more real. Also some fantasy elements such as magic and elves etc have been very toned down, which helps it be much more believable. The only race in the book are humans. Also the style is brilliant. The book is written from the viewpoint of 5/6 main character and each chapter is simply named by the name of the character we are with now, this layout made me fly through the book and also gives it a very epic feel to read about so many characters, all intertwined! Also as a great life-affirming book I would highly recommend A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller. It is about a man who suddenly realises that his life is boring, and so he sets out to turn his life into a "story". This will really inspire you!
  15. NoTurningBack

    Breaking Porn Addiction: Support Group

    Sorry guys, my post count is apparently too low to create the group. If someone responsible wants to create it and then invite all the interested guys that'd be great!