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    Hi! My name is Madison and I am 13 years old. I am (obviously) female, and I attend a school in Tennessee. I was saved July 14, 2011 in my room next to this window that shows these ubberly branches illuminated by the moonlight once it's dark. I'm scared of those things. I know English, and am trying to master as many languages as possible, especially Japanese, since I plan to move to Japan once I'm older. I have two younger brothers, five cats, one dog, two parents, and...a few tens of imaginary friends. They outnumber my best friends that actually exist, to tell you the truth. I am a female gamer, a student artist, and I actually do a lot of photography on deviantART under the pen name 'avoxion'. I love anime and manga, and I also enjoy being in our church's youth group, which is partially ministered by my dad. I'm emotional, so I cry very easily, and I love rock music!!! Other than that...I have been called underweight, I have always grown up in a Christian home, I may or may not have ADD/ADHD, and I thought up some of my most complex characters when I was miserable. I am working in several original projects for publishing right now and I hope one day to be either an author or a guidance counselor/therapist for teens and children with problems. People think I have an obsession with kids; they are probably right. I have voices in my head. It's very unpredictable what they may say. I have very violent scenes in my head sometimes. The longest co-authored death scene I've written was near twenty pages of very dramatic crap.

    God bless~
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    The World That Never Was
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    Favorite anime(s): Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon DP: Galactic Battles, Soul Eater, Naruto, The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Death Note

    Favorite Manga(s): Naruto, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Ouran High School Host Club,and Black Butler

    Favorite Video Game(s): Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Kingdom Hearts: re Coded, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Left for Dead 4 (?), The Sims (almost any of those games), Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy III, and...yeah, you get the point. Female gamer, for the win!

    Favorite Band(s) and Music Artist(s): Icon for Hire, Skillet, Paramore, Evanescence, Superchick, etc.

    Favorite Song(s): Tourniquet by Evanescence, My Sitar by Dr. Bombay, The Last Night by Skillet, What Love Really Means by JJ Heller, Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO, Animal by Neon Trees, etc.
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    Christian: Missionary Baptist
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    Alura Avaleen Lorenza
  1. Avaleen

    A New Life With Christ

    That's amazing, and I'm so glad that God is with you! It just proves that no matter what happens, once you are save, you are always saved, and God never leaves! God bless you~
  2. Assemblies of God...not sure what to make of that...
  3. Avaleen

    My Friend's Mom

    Well, to answer WHY, she has some fluid that leaked or something like that...but I do believe she's better! ^^ There was a FaceBook prayer page for her last year: Kelly Jonaghin or however she spelled it...XD But thank you for your prayers! God bless~
  4. Haha. Its cool to see you want to move to Japan. I plan on heading there after college and start working on video games (i'm a huge gamer, Final Fantasy, Naruto, KH,) I wanna be Video game Designer. I thought I was pretty crazy for thinking that but apperntly if somebody else wants to than its not that crazy.:P

  5. Avaleen

    Kingdom Hearts

    Awesome! I like the Demyx avatar, by the way! RPG is so awesome...oh, anyone else waiting on the new game to come out this summer?! I'm so happy that the Organization is back! Though (XD) I did spoil myself the ending...
  6. Avaleen

    Salvation prayers.

    Caitlyn Jenna (I think)
  7. Avaleen

    My Friend's Mom

    I'd to request prayer for a friend of mine's mother; she was put into emergency surgery a couple of days ago, and we were really hoping not to repeat last year, since she almost died from the fluid last time. I just really hope she'll be alright, because I don't want my friend and her family to have to go through that all over again. God bless~ Please pray!
  8. Avaleen

    Kingdom Hearts

    So, who else out there is a fan of Kingdom Hearts? Please, share!
  9. Welcome to CTF!!!

  10. I have a story to tell about something that happened to a friend of mine and me. You see, I have this friend who has really had one of the roughest lives ever. Her parents, her home, and everything caused her to be miserable everyday. I felt so bad, and spent a lot of time listening to her ramble and vent out, and I would be the one crying once it was over! So when we had to leave for the summer on our break, my heart felt broken because I thought that if I didn't see her all summer, once we got back into school she wouldn't walk through the doors. I could see the funeral, the announcement to seventh grade from the guidance counselor in a 'nice and easy' manner about why she wasn't there, and then the knowing that she was in Hell and I hadn't done my part as a Christian. That summer was actually the summer I had been saved, so I was dying to get back to school and tell her all that had happened. Back on topic, one night that summer, I believe, I was in my room crying because I was so worried and so scared and sad that I could barely take it. My parents didn't have any idea how awful it was, and neither did anyone else. So I suddenly came to the revaluation that if I prayed to feel her pain for her, maybe I would understand and maybe I could help her get out of this state of sadness. Well, I did, and for weeks (and my dad actually recounted this in youth a few weeks ago) that I was one of the most miserable stated persons ever. And I really was. To make a long story short, I did understand. And I prayed finally for it to go away, and yet the process took weeks to get completely unshaken from it. It was a miserable experience. I just wanted to share that. God makes anything possible! ^^