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  1. tyajoy


    Lately I've been noticing that my little sister has started obsessing WAY too much about her weight and calories and fats and all of that stuff and she works out at least 5-6 hours a day and eats a minimal amount of food. I'm really worried about her developing an eating disorder [if she doesn't already have one] and was just wondering if you guys could pray for her.
  2. tyajoy

    I really need your prayers

    Of Course!
  3. tyajoy

    Ladies' Picture Thread :)

    everyone is so pretty!
  4. tyajoy

    A dilemna...

    Good luck auditioning!!! [i'll be praying for you!]
  5. tyajoy

    A little advice?

    I think you should at least form a friendship with him. Who knows maybe you will be the one to help open his eyes to Christ. [also, if we always kept ourselves distant from nonbelievers then there would be no way for us to reach out to them and share God's love and grace]
  6. tyajoy

    Is this song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    nope. you always make me smile - kyle andrews
  7. tyajoy

    Favorite Disney movie...

    MULAN!!! [the first one only] then the lion king and little mermaid.
  8. tyajoy

    The "But" Game

    But I can't draw! Eat a whole cake by yourself.
  9. I think talents usually find you. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes it seems like people try too hard to discover a "hidden talent" and don't just kind of let it come to them. Usually it is right there the whole time, you just have to stop looking so hard for it and then you will find it. Keep praying and just being you and God will reveal your talent/s to you in time. Patience is key.
  10. Alright, so the pastor at my church recently did a sermon on pets and heaven and I was wondering... What are your opinions? Do you think that pets/animals will be in heaven?
  11. tyajoy

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    I wish guys knew that sometimes girls are actually interested in football and mechanics and video games and they aren't doing it just to get you to like them.
  12. Death You would think that, as a christian, I would not fear death because I would look forward to being in heaven with God and my family who have passed away, but for me that is not the case. Death terrifies me. I keep feeling doubt about choosing to believe in God and I have this ever nagging fear that I will die and I will have been wrong and God won't be real and that everything will be dark and I'll be alone. My stomach literally drops when people talk about heaven and dying because I'm truly afraid that when I die I'll find out that God isn't real. And then I wonder if maybe I'm not supposed to believe in God or be a christian and God is purposefully pushing me away and then I'm going to burn in hell for the rest of eternity. I have so much doubt and it is affecting my faith so much. I keep trying to make my faith stronger, but it seems to only get weaker and that scares me so much. I just don't know what to do. I hate feeling so scared and I hate feeling all of this doubt about God's existence. Is there anything I can do? Any "proof" I guess that God is real? [i really hate asking this, I feel like I shouldn't be afraid and shouldn't doubt God, but I do.] I don't want to be afraid anymore. I don't want to doubt anymore.
  13. At first when I was reading the article I was shocked that he would tell students that they weren't special and discourage them at their graduation, but then I reached the end and realized that he was saying that to get their attention and then present his main points; I think that this was a great graduation speech and was given at the right time when students would be the most receptive of the idea that they shouldn't hold themselves above others because everyone is special, everyone is equal, which is what I think he was saying.