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    I accepted Jesus a little over a year ago, abd have since been baptized and have become a communing member of a Lutheran church. My family, however, is not saved, which is a constant source of worry in my life.

    Oh, and I am completely and utterly insane (in a good way, because it's way more fun). I'm not sure how I forgot to mention that. X) <-- (that's supposed to be a riddiculous lunatic smile if you couldn't tell.)
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    Baltimore, MD, USA
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    Music, poetry, running, literature, theatre, singing in stairwells...
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    High School Student
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    Meg or Maggie (whichever you prefer)

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  1. Maggie!! :woot: How've you been?

  2. Cadence62

    Hello from SoCal!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. First of all, can anyone let me know if they have ever attended or are attending this year FCA Leadership Camp at NorthBay in North East Maryland? It eould be really nice to hear about it from someone who has been or know someone else who is going, even if I don't know them irl, just from ctf. Also, this is my first time going somewhere where I know no one, and I'm nervous. I went to the same Christian camp (Camp Wright on Maryland's Kent Island) for 7 years, but now I'm too old, and so I'm switching camps, so I'm nervous about not knowing anyone, or even a lot about the camp. Even my first year at Camp Wright, I knew 3 people: 2 school friends in another cabin, and my sister was in my cabin. I don't know anyone at my new camp, so I'm really nervous about making friends. What do I do if everyone there already knows each other? Any advice?
  4. I'm exactly the same way. Except I'm 17. I'm intellectually very mature for my age, and I'm much more marure than my twin sister in that I don't think that swearing, dressing like a scene kid, acting like a hipster, and having sex will make me cool. She would probably drink if it wouldn't interact with her anti-depressants and kill her. However, I am extraordinarily childish in that I ride a razor scooter to class, jump up and down, smile a lot, like board games and childish entertainment more than grown-up stuff (aside from music & literature), and wear hair bows. So I guess, while my sister is very much 17, I am both 30 and 5 at the same time. I also look very young.
  5. Cadence62

    How Do You Eat Your OREO?

    This made me very hungry. I said just the creme, but I do occasionally have them in milk.
  6. Cadence62

    Snakebite lip piercings? (:

    It would not be sinful unless you are doing it for rebellious reasons, as long as you don't get a tatoo, and as long as you don't act "emo". That being said, you might want to take out your peircings when you go to college interviews ect... but otherwise, you should be okay, and it definitely might make you a better witness to others.
  7. Cadence62

    Verses about Purity

    Hi, Ineed to have a conversation with my boyfriend about purity and explain to him that saving myself for my future husband is about more than just virginity, so does anyone have any verses I can share with him? Also, I know this is in a section specifically about the Bible, but if anyone has any advice about my situation, it would be VERY welcome. What happened is this: First of all, I made a very bad decision this past March, egged on by my dorm-mates at my boarding school to date a guy who wasn't a Christian. Part of me knew I shouldn't, but I liked the attention I was getting, and I was really flattered by how muh this guy liked me, so I went through with it, and agreed to date him, justifying it to myself with the idea of missionary dating, or at least that Romans 8:28 (all things work for the good of those who love Him) meant that it was okay. In our relationship, he has always been a total Gentleman, holding doors, carrying my hings, always insisting to pay for everything... (I didn't let him pay for Prom, though, because part of me has always known that this was a mistake to date a non-Christian, and the expense of that would make me far more indebted to him than is okay. Tuesday night was my school's Prom, and while I had strict rules for myself about relationship-y displays of affection (no kissing until I was in love, and nothing beyond making out until marriage), my boundaries in the area of dancing were not nearly so well thouht-out. I knew that grinding (for those of you don't know, this is a clothed sexual act that passes for dancing at most high-school dances) was completely out of the question, but I had thought slow-dancing would be okay, because "its just hugging amd moving about the dance floor." However, I failed to realize just how extended that hug would be. We started out with a few inches between us, but as the night went on, he kept pulling me closer, and my adapted version of the rule "save room for Jesus" (never adapt a rule; bad things always happen from even a few inches of compromise) which was "save room for a cardboard cut-out of Jesus" (which I had changed because typical summer-camp "save room for Jesus" dancing looked ridiculous) was slowly dissipated as well, leaving me dancing pressed up against this guy I liked, but wasn't sure if I should be doing this with. We didn't dance the entire time we were there, but we danced a lot, and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable with it, and was really releived when it came time to change and go to the parent-sponsored after-prom party at Dave & Busters. However, after after-prom, I went to a co-ed (but sex & alcohol free) sleepover at my friend's house, and we all went in the pool. I wore an atheletic one-peice, fo modesty's sake, and he was wearing swim-trunks and a t-shirt into the pool, and it was really fun at first, because enen though the water was cold, we all decided to swim in one direction (it was a circular pool) and create a whirl pool. This was fun, until a bunch of people left, and then it was just my boyfriend, me, and one other friend. Then, he left too, and the last person who had been outside but not swimming left, saying, "We'll let you two have your couple time". I was kind of scared, but I didn't do anything, besause I had just been making fun of my friend as a wimp for getting out of the pool. After everyone had left, he wanted to "dance" again in the whirlpool. However, the whirlpool kept dragging my face to the surface of the pool, so I was able to keep saying tha it wasn't working. Then, he found a way that "worked", and while we were travelling in circles around the pool, I was thinking about how I was finally outof my own control, except that the one who was in control wasn't God's match for me, that He had sonething much better planned, and that I shouldn't be doing that, and that all of his (my boyfriend's) sweetness had one ultimate goal, and I got really freaked out, so I said that I was cold and we went inside. Afterwards, I became even more uncomfortable when I realized that even though my bathing suit was modest in appearance, it was still skin-tight, and so his arm was still around my waist in skin-tight clothing. Finally, after having to think about it all day yesterday, I decided to sleep at 6pm (after 31 hours awake) and achieve the distance and clear-headedness a good night's sleep can provide. This morning, I woke up, and after thinking about it, I realized the thing to do. I'm pretty sure he'll be at my school's graduation (we're juniors), so I will talk to him then about purity and how important it is to me, and leave it in God's hand what happens next. I think he will probably either be a jerk and break up with me for wanting to wait for marriage, in which case, I won't have to feel bad about breaking his heart, be really nice, and suggest that we just be friends for a while and see if we fall in love, or maybe leave it up to me, in which case, I will say we can keep dating if we take away the physical component and instead work on getting to know each other better. Any thoughts? A note to the moderators: If you do move this, please don't put it in a Women's only section, because I would like advice on this topic from the male perspective as well. A note to Madame, who I assume is ready to make a snarky comment on this post about how silly my purity standards are: I know you porbably can't respect my ideas about purity, but hopefully you can respect this: I felt uncomfortable, and therefore, it is not okay, no matter what you think about purity and Christians dating non-beleivers.
  8. Cadence62

    Ever thought about...?

    Read "The Revelation" it's at the end of your Bible (unless yours is a pocket New Testament which adds Psalms and Proverbs at the end, in which case look in the table of contents). If you don't have a bible, go to www.biblegateway.com search Revelation 1, and then read through the book that way.
  9. Cadence62


    If it's about reading, it is likely dyslexia, but if it is just when you write, it's disgraphia. My bestfriend has it, and gets extra time on tests because of it.
  10. Hi! I don't know much about Oentacostals, and am curious. What can you tell me? What differentiates it from, say, Lutherans or Presbyterians? Also, please explain the name. Thanks!
  11. Cadence62

    Children in Wedlock

    Even if you don't, or can't have children, marriage still privides many blessings, including keeping you from sexual immorality, but the main one being having a #2 in your life after God to help and serve each other in all things and be each other's strength, which means that the couple can grow closer to God together, as well,which is as close to sanctifying as marriage gets, because getting married does not forgive you of your sins, which is technically what sanctifying means. (Zabby, please don't take this as argumentative, because that's not what I mean at all. I'm just defending my point of view).
  12. All addiction is inherently sinful, because you can only serve one Master, God, or things of the world. If you are addicted to, say, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, then your addiction will be your master, and not God (Matthew 6:24). Also applicable is the second half of 1 Corinthians 6:12 (mentioned by Christian T discussing marijuana), "Everything is permissible for me--but I will not be mastered by anything." To smoke a cigarette is not a sin, but to rely on cigarettes, to NEED them, that is contrary to God.