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  1. RealizerFails

    Regaining Faith

    Hello there, I used to be a part of this board six years ago. I was so head over heels in my spiritual journey, but as high school began, the faith went away. I don't quite understand anything, and I don't think I ever did. I have so many unanswered questions at 20 years old, trying to find my belonging in the spiritual world. It's been so long, I've had to order a new bible and I ordered a journal to go with it for my own notes on what I feel in my journey on specific days, much like a regular diary. I guess I'd like someone my age to talk to about this and get familiar with the Christian world again? I want to understand the real meanings, and not what you see on social media that encompasses judgment upon sinners, when we ourselves are sinners and have no right to be rude to others. Thank you, I appreciate any help given.
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