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  1. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Bwahaha...I should have seen that in your post. I should have double majored in mo bio and math, I enjoy math a lot.
  2. elizabethbraddock

    Nail Art and Pedicure Thread :)

    Looks really pretty!
  3. elizabethbraddock

    When does thinking about the guy of your dreams become sinful?

    That would apply with lustful thoughts, so sexual thoughts.
  4. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    lol...what's your major? I'm a molecular bio major.
  5. Hello. I wasn't offended at all by anything you said, and I do realize that miscommunication is common on the internet. Apology accepted.

  6. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Another good example. I also wonder if people aren't understanding mathematical notation and don't know that the "..." means an infinitely repeating number.
  7. I apologize for my arrogance. I've very much so lacked grace these past few days. I accept full responsibility for my actions and ask for your forgiveness.

  8. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Are you a STEM major like me? xD
  9. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Yes. 0.333...is the decimal expansion of the rational number 1/3.
  10. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Yes, exactly. Although I should note that 1/3=0.333... It's important to add the ellipsis afterward to indicate that it's an infinitely repeating number. If 1/3=0.333..., then 3(0.333...)=0.999... We also know that 3(1/3)=1 Therefore, 0.999...=1 This is the simplest algebraic proof without using calculus and the concept of an infinite geometric series or sequence.
  11. elizabethbraddock


    I don't care whether future hubby is circumcised or not. I'd actually prefer him to not be. The foreskin has lots of nerves, and adults who have been circumcised later in life have reported a decreased in sensation afterward; I want my man to be fully able to enjoy himself with me. xD
  12. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    Proof by contradiction, thank you. For people claiming that 0.999... is not equal to 1, have you never taken a calculus or college algebra course? Or any higher order math? The whole field of mathematics agrees that 0.999...DOES equal 1. There are numerous mathematical proofs, a few of which have been demonstrated here by myself and others, that show that the numbers are equal. ---------- Post added at 04:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:07 PM ---------- Yes, it's not that hard to figure out because numerous mathematicians have already proven it to be so. This is agreed upon in the field of mathematics, and is even part of math education curricula. There has even been a study done to understand why student's, and people in general, have a hard time grasping this concept--usually having to do with 1) lack of understanding of the concept of infinity and 2) believing that there is only a single representation for a number. I have never seen any mathematical argument that has shown that 0.999...is not equal to 1.
  13. elizabethbraddock

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    You've made a bold claim since the entire field of mathematics agrees that 0.999... with infinitely repeating digits is, in fact, equal to 1. I would ask that you support your claim with a mathematical proof and reasoning for why you disagree. Are you saying that proof by an infinite geometric series and the sum of an infinite sequence, which have been rigorously proven, are invalid? You can't just make a bold claim like that and not support it.
  14. elizabethbraddock

    What reason supports outsourcing?

    The main reason for any company to outsource work is the cut costs and increase profits. This isn't a bad thing, companies and businesses exist to make money.
  15. elizabethbraddock

    Are You Right Brained or Left Brained

    I am adept at both.