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    I want to become a pro evangelist and I enjoy debating with people smarter then me because I learn so much from them. I love God and I hope you do to. If you ever have a question just ask me. I love talking to people so if I don't know you please send me a PM:)
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    Collecting cards
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  1. Hey, long time since I talked to you. How is it going?

  2. Hey...how's it going?

  3. He haved talked in a long time, what's new with you?

  4. David!! :woot: How have you been?! :D

  5. Hullo CTF son. Your father and I divorced so you get to pick where you'd like to stay. Would you like to live with me and your sister and travel the world and visit your father during summer along with Nutmeg or would you like to live with your father? :razz:

  6. Yo David! I haven't talked to you in ages! How've you been?

  7. Sorry I hadn't replied. I left for a week. ;) I've been good. Busy with school. Now what grade are you in again? I graduate next year. I so can't wait!! :)

  8. It's been going good. I like science too, but it's hard. I find math easy, but Science and English hard.

  9. My favorite subject is probably...hmm I dunno haha Science I guess So how has school been going for you? We just got done with exams:D


  10. I'm doing good I don't get on CTF much anymore:( Got done with most of my exams but I have to finish my Math exam on Monday and it is so hard What have you been up to?


  11. I'm just doing school, well not today since it's Saturday. What's your favorite subject in school? Mine's History.

  12. Hey zez! Long time no see/talk! :) How was your Christmas and New Years?

  13. Not much just enjoying the last few days of Winter break how about you?


  14. Hey! It's been a while since we've talked, what's new with you?

  15. David!! :woot: How was your Christmas? :D