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    they call me Ade...or Ray....or RayRay...or Ray Ban... or Ray Charles....or Charlie...or R&R...or.. SoonToBeDrRay....or..you catch my drift.. I have so many names, I don't really care anymore...

    I'm African British. Medic. Scientist. Fashionista. Afro Owner.

    should you wish to know any more about me, ask and it shall be made known to you.

    That Is All

    peace, love and afro puffs
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    that little cottage...on top of the biggest hill.... in the North west of..... jolly old England
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    Guitar, music, art, hair, fashion, science
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    Medical Student
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  1. Well done Leicester City for winning the premier league.... #MyCity #Underdogs #LCFC #WeOnTheMap :')

  2. RayRay

    Ladies' Small Group

    me too
  3. i would love to see a version of "Romeo and Juliet" about a person who works at Burger King and a person who works at McDonald's that fall in love

    1. Saved.2.


      ... I've seen something close, about two rival pizza places. XD Pizza My Heart.

  4. but how can i write 1500 words and still not understand the essay topic?

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    2. Chris-M


      I'm pretty sure people have written books on subjects they don't understand :'D

    3. Chris-M


      What's the assignment?

    4. RayRay


      Emmanuel! Long time! the essay title was 'the importance of lowering blood pressure on cardiovascular risk: should we worry about J curves?' :') bit of a mouthful but i've finished it now !

  5. apparently i was not born to work in a pub

  6. Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders..

  7. RayRay


    Nigeria needs physical and spiritual help...it always has. Corruption is too much, the law means absolutely nothing, people think they can do what they want, when they want (and they technically can as long as Nigeria remains a mess) and the people in power don't often do enough to help the situation. The only reason things like this are making the news now is because Boko Haram aren't backing down. I agree with Noel but what country is actually going to assisst fully? A lot of people see Nigeria as a lost cause. Serious prayers need to happen concerning those running the Nigerian government. The country itself and its people need prayer. Goodluck Jonathan is no longer in power... to many people's delight.. Not sure what to make of the new president though...time will tell.
  8. RayRay

    The broke life of a Student

    University tuition for me is £9000 per year and my parents can barely afford to buy enough food in the house for the month. I've had to become more independent in terms of my finances but its difficult
  9. Give us clean hearts

  10. my new obsession is berry shade lipsticks :')

    1. Jesusismyticket



      except it makes me look pale XD

    2. RayRay


      I'm digging so many shades of deep purple right now :D

      lilac and violet and nude shades make me look ill!

    3. Jesusismyticket


      I had a purple lipstick and I looked so goth. XD honestly anything but pink and light shades of orange make me look like a clown or a gothic person. I am fair skinned XD

  11. When I blind buy perfumes (which I do...a lot), I do my research on the fragrantica website by looking at the perfume notes and reading the reviews. 9 times out of 10 i've managed to blind buy a perfume which i've subsequently fallen in love with... so if the app involved owner reviews and listed the perfume notes and maybe ratings on who would buy again then Ii would consider using it. That being said, there is nothing like going into the shop and trying out a tester or ordering a tester online.
  12. RayRay

    Make up

    Ooh thank you I shall check them out. I have oily skin so I usually have to prime before putting any sort of shadow/powder on my skin to make it last all day. I don't mind paying a bit more than usual as long as I'm getting good quality stuff
  13. RayRay

    The broke life of a Student

    As some of you may realise, we are currently in the easter holidays According to my spreadsheet, I am practically on -£300 for this month and I don't get the final installment of my student finance loan for another 4 weeks! :crying: I chose not to go back to my part time job this Easter because...well... my last exam grades suffered as a result of me working part time...starting to question that decision. How do you guys budget in university? On a totally different subject... I woke up this morning to come across an article that said that my Uni is being renamed in honour of our contribution to the discovery of the remains of King Richard III. My heart nearly stopped... then I realised it was April fools day... [Although to be fair, I woundn't put it past the powers that be to do a thing like this...Leicester university loves attention from the media...I mean, 31 years later we're still putting up banners about our discovery of DNA fingerprinting]. As interesting as the whole thing is...I would prefer to graduate from the University of Leicester and not King Richard III University...