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    they call me Ade...or Ray....or RayRay...or Ray Ban... or Ray Charles....or Charlie...or R&R...or.. SoonToBeDrRay....or..you catch my drift.. I have so many names, I don't really care anymore...

    I'm African British. Medic. Scientist. Fashionista. Afro Owner.

    should you wish to know any more about me, ask and it shall be made known to you.

    That Is All

    peace, love and afro puffs
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    that little cottage...on top of the biggest hill.... in the North west of..... jolly old England
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    Guitar, music, art, hair, fashion, science
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    Medical Student
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  1. but how can i write 1500 words and still not understand the essay topic?

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    2. Chris-M


      I'm pretty sure people have written books on subjects they don't understand :'D

    3. Chris-M


      What's the assignment?

    4. RayRay


      Emmanuel! Long time! the essay title was 'the importance of lowering blood pressure on cardiovascular risk: should we worry about J curves?' :') bit of a mouthful but i've finished it now !