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    My name is Dao-Ming, but I go by Ming or Min.
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    Soccer, swimming, working on the farm, sign team, horses, my little pony, choir, piano, dancing, Jesus!
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    Soccer player & student
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    Pentecostal Christian
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    Boys Vs Girls XXXV!

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    Hi, i'm Dao-Ming (my name means shining path in Chinese) i'm new here. I'll use the neat little guidelines: What is your first name? - Dao-Ming but I go by Ming or Min Are you a male or female? - Female How old are you and when were you born? I'm 15, February 26, 1997 In which country do you reside in? I was born in China but was adopted (along with my brother) when I was a baby. I live in the USA and have 8 brothers and sisters. They are: Dennis (my parents biological son)- 19 Bao-Zhi (my biological brother)-16 Taylor (my parents biological daughter)-14 Micah (twin 1)-12 Mary Lu (twin 2)-12 Elijah (special needs)-9 Nolan (the baby boy)-6 Ariel (the baby girl)-4 Are you currently studying in a school? Yes, I'm a Freshman in high school What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have? I play competitive soccer, have since I was 9 year old. I also play the piano for our church youth choir. I live on a farm and love the animals. Do you follow a certain faith? Yes, I'm a Christian If so, what kind and are you part of a denomination? Pentecostal How did you hear about or find this forum? I'm friends with HaleyGirl16, we went to the same school. My brother Bao-Zhi and I go to her and her brother's house usually for a ride to school or to spend the night when something fun is coming up at their church. One day she was on CTF, Bao-Zhi was interested in joining. I decided to join to meet some Christian friends who share my interests.