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  1. Yesterday, I got to see my grandpa on his 94th birthday!

    1. Lucidity


      Nice! How was he doing then?

    2. ComedyMusicHistory


      Good! His birthday party was on Sunday. He was good then too. It was outside on his backyard patio.

  2. Tonight, I did my first night driving.

  3. I drove two hours today.

  4. Oh, I also ate some rye crackers either too.

  5. But, I feel like I haven't drank enough water today.

  6. ...red bell peppers and pasta mixed together. 

  7. Earlier today, I had a turkey pot pie, homemade chicken soup, broccoli, and...

  8. Now, people have started mowing our lawn.

  9. The party will be outside in my grandpa's backyard patio.

  10. I'm going to a birthday party later today for my dad and brother-in-law at my grandpa's house. 

    1. Lucidity


      How'd that go?


    2. ComedyMusicHistory


      It went well! My aunt came too. We had lots of good food to eat.

  11. Lately, I've been listening to music from musicals, both old and new.

  12. I feel like I've had a productive summer.

  13. I'm attending a double birthday party tomorrow.

  14. I'm also having Korean food tonight.

  15. I'm finally learning how to drive!

  16. How have you been doing T.K.?

  17. Hi! I was wondering how you have been doing?

    1. Marley


      I'm doing alright. Just sort of watching and waiting to see what work is going to look like in the fall. How about you?

    2. ComedyMusicHistory


      I'm doing pretty good. I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree. So, right now I'm just recovering from this last year of basically only doing school.

  18. I've already decided who I'm voting for, but I thought out of curiosity I'd take that iSideWithQuiz. Apparently I side with Gary Johnson at 86%, Darrell Castle at 80%, Donald Trump at 47%, Jill Stein at 28%, and Hillary Clinton at 23%. I'm glad I side with Hillary the least of anyone. Lol.

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    2. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      @ComedyMusicHistory We should compare results. If you don't want to post your link, you can PM it.

      @PlasmaHam Those high scores on imperialism, toughness, and militarism are downright terrifying. Sounds like WWIII material.

      I'm highest with Johnson, but only at 80%. 79% Castle, 74% McMullin, 63% Trump, 40% Stein, 27% Clinton. Out of this, I'd never vote Johnson for him being pro-choice, nor Castle because he's a conspiracy theorist, nor McMullin because he supports the abominable war on Yemen, nor Trump or Stein or Clinton for obvious reasons.

      The scale shows me as a libertarian-leaning centrist. I'm 30 points to privacy over security, 62 to pacifism over militarism, 20 to protectionism over globalization, 16 to assimilation over multiculturalism, 54 to small government over big, 58 to capitalism over socialism, 8 to tender over tough, 62 to individualism over collectivism, 26 to deregulation over regulation, 18 to Laissez-faire over Keynesian, 88 to isolationism over imperialism, 4 to traditional over progressive (that one I don't quite understand), and 2 to either populism or elitism, but I can't actually see which side it lands on.


    3. ComedyMusicHistory


      I took it again, and got slightly different results. I got 88% for Gary Johnson, 69% for Darrell Castle, 48% Donald Trump, 35% for Jill Stein, and 24% Hillary Clinton. In the other points I didn't notice in this one, though I'm sure I got slightly different on the one I did before, I got 58 points on Anthropocentrism (in Anthropopcentrism vs. Enviromentalism), 8 points on Tender (in Tender vs. Tough), 78 points on Laissez-Faire (in Laissez-Faire vs. Keynesian), 80 points on Individualism (in Individualism vs. Collectivism), 8 points on Populism (in Populism vs. Elitism), 8 points on Assimilation (in Assimilation vs. Multiculturalism), 48 points on Isolationism (in Isolationism vs. Imperialism), and 70 points on Globalization (in Globalization vs. Protectionism). 

    4. ComedyMusicHistory


      Oh, and 50 points on Deregulation (in Deregulation vs Regulation).

  19. "Classes should not be indoctrination seminars." - John F. (Wesker) Thank you, John!

  20. If you guys would pray that I would do well on an in class presentation I'm putting together for my Sociology class I'd really appreciate it. It's on a topic that's very important to me that I want to do justice to.

    1. Jesusismyticket


      I'll be praying! I'm taking sociology in college right now (101 ofc) and I love it.

    2. ComedyMusicHistory


      Thank you! I'm taking Principles of Sociology. I knew a lot of concepts outside of the very technical Sociology ideas.

  21. Really liked your latest blog post!

  22. My sister and her husband went to Louisville, Kentucky for the 4th. They talked to a lady at a cash register for 10 minutes? Southern populusque, is that normal in the South? Are people that friendly?

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    2. Chris-M


      This hasn't really been my experience in Charlotte or Raleigh, NC, nor did I notice any such behavior in Roanoke or Charlottesville, VA.

      Those may not count as the real south, though.

    3. kb5462


      People do this a lot in the UK, and I don't think we're necessarily as open as other nations. Although, it does tend to be the older generation.

    4. Buoyancy


      @Chris, I hail from the Petersburg/Richmond VA area, it is definitely a thing. Perhaps you hit it lucky?

  23. Got you! I agree. I'd say about 98% of "World War 3" is unnecessary fear-mongering (especially with Russia). Almost anything is possible, but that doesn't mean it's likely. There are a lot of reasons why this is so or why the media's portrayal of a big Russian threat to the US isn't realistic.

  24. That's okay. I understand. Best wishes!