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    Likes: FOOD, basketball, inteligent people, learning, debating, rainbows, love.
    Dislikes: ignorance, racism, stupidity.
    Life's what you make it.
    MixedRace, Confident, Unique, Young Woman of God.
    Only my Lord and Savior can judge me.
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    My family is my best friend and my best friends are like family. I kindly ask that you do not mess with anyone I love. We will have a serious problem. :)
    Singing, writing, and stereotypical teenage girl things such as shopping, style, fashion, beauty, etc.
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    Briana Renee

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  1. Briana!! :woot: How have you been?

  2. It was okay. I spent most of it doing nothing. What did you do?

  3. Ooo, AWESOME!! I like to go on here lol, listen to music, and hangout with my family. :D

  4. Reading, hanging out with my friends, and working out!! oh. and tv and internet are kinda an addiction :P

    and you?

  5. Aww. What do you like to do for fun? :D

  6. Makes sense to me!! :)

    No, but I wish I had!!! .....oh wait, no nevermind. Because giraffes fighting would make me super sad!! :crying:

  7. I had a wonderful Easter break. spent it with family and friends.

    How was your break?

  8. Ah no, it's cool! :D they just don't like it hahah. Cause they have some bad stuff on there. Though they trust me, but would prefer my family stays off... If that makes sense :laugh:

    LOL hahaha no I didn't, but that's hilarious!! xD I've only remembered seeing a giraffe once and it was just chillin but I've never seen one actually fight with another! :o Did you see it in real life?! :woot:

  9. It more feels like we're going back to the 60s or 70s. What have you been doing for Easter break?

  10. do you mind if i ask why not? if its too personal, no pressure :) im just curious!!

    and yes! did u know they fight using their necks? they wack each other with them :P its hilarious!

  11. Hahah, they do?! :o I didn't know that! xD My parents don't want me on YouTube, so I can't watch it. But I'm sure it's an interesting video! :D

    Did you know giraffes have long necks? :o

  12. oh i read an article online about that yesterday. it's basically pretty scary. :/

    I don't really feel scared though. is that bad? I live by the phrase "if it happens, it happens" every day. I just sum everything up to fate and the work of God and move on with my life.

  13. did u know baby elephants throw temper tantrums when they dont get their way?! youtube it!!! my heart melts every time.

  14. Things were kind of slow today. I was just doing this and that on the computer. Otherwise it was going fine until I read North Korea wants to attack the US.

  15. Hahah SQUEAK I'm an elephant! :woot: