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  1. BadgerFan

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Pharisees by Memphis May Fire
  2. You know a game went amazingly when you were bored for half of it. And thank you! Hope you're keeping well <3

  3. I was honestly hoping for a much closer game but hey, I'll take it! Couldn't be happier. And I'm glad your nursing thing went well and i'm sure you'll continue to do great :)

  4. GO HAWKS! So very stoked <3 And yes thanks it went well! I was rather nervous but today was mostly reading nursing notes/induction stuff/getting a feel for everything than getting -really- stuck in but this placement is somewhat hands off compared to a lot of others so i'm going to do voluntary work during the week to develop communication skillz etc. I love doing the homeless food run <3

  5. BadgerFan

    What book are you reading now?

    How did you like it? I finished it awhile ago and quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed 3 other John Green books as well. Just finished reading The Time Keeper and 13 Reasons Why. Both really good books.
  6. I'm just here to say, "Yay, go Seahawks! and I hope you are able to watch Sunday. Also, good luck today. or tomorrow. Whichever. :P Hope all is well.

  7. Hey! We haven't really talked, so... Hi! Haha. How are you?

    1. BadgerFan


      Heya. I'm alright. Thanks. How are you?

  8. BadgerFan

    In your music library...

    Love: Come Home True Love - Dream On, Dreamer Hate: Generation: Hate - Memphis May Fire Light: Alive In the Lights - Memphis May Fire Dark: Dark Angel Dragnet - Project 86 Good: The Feel Good Drag - Anberlin Bad: Say Goodnight To the Bad Guy - Project 86 Smile: None... o.O Cry: Cry For Help - Shinedown Girl: The Girl - City and Colour Boy: Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook - FM Static This: Born For This - Paramore That: The Part That Hurts The Most - Thousand Foot Krutch
  9. Keep the victims of all the tornadoes in Illinois and the surrounding area in your prayers. It was pretty bad today.

    1. BadgerFan


      Sort of. From a town about 45 minutes north of Washington. Luckily no major damage was done here, but a lot of debris from Washington was dropped everywhere here. Someone found part of a garbage can or something that said "City of Washington" on it. Crazy.

  10. BadgerFan

    I'm officially married! :)

  11. The Hawks have looked terrible as of late. I can't complain because they haven't lost, but two close games to the Rams and 0-7 Tampa Bay? Gotta step it up on both sides of the ball. What a come back today though. Hope you enjoyed the game, i could only follow the Game Cast on the internet because yet again, I was working!

    1. slycooper


      Nothing wrong with that, Ravens had a lot of upsets and close games but they showed enough character to get things done. Also we played really well in the second half, some of the O-Line changes worked fairly well and Marshawn was better fed. I actually think it was fairly positive -shrugs- Always good to see Baldwin kicking it up.

    2. BadgerFan


      I finally got to watch a full game, and it was sweet sweet revenge against Atlanta. Everyone looked good and cannot wait until this weekend when Harvin returns along with Unger, Giacomini, and Okung. I'll get to see the whole game too :)

  12. BadgerFan

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to CTF! Hopefully you enjoy the forums, along with all the great people here! Questions are never a bad thing!
  13. BadgerFan

    Hello :)

    Welcome to CTF! Hope you enjoy the forums. A lot to do here.
  14. BadgerFan

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Recently, a lot of City and Colour.
  15. BadgerFan

    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome to CTF! I'm sure you will meet many great people here to help you along the way and to become friends with!