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    A few fun facts about me, myself and I:
    My name is Amy
    My favorite color is blue
    I have glasses
    My favorite movies are Soul Surfer, The Hunger Games and Narnia
    My favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hunger Games Trilogy.
    I also love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Black Raspberry Ice Cream.
    I love singing to along to music
    My favorite season is Spring, though winter is not to be ignored
    My favorite TV show is Castle on TNT
    I swim on the Kutztown Dolphins swim team
    My favorite animal is a kitten.
    I am also a big animal person. I Love Cats
    My favorite actresses are Jennifer Lawrence and Stana Katic
    (Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen and Stana Katic plays Kate Beckett)
    My lucky number is 12
    Last of all I love to write stories and share them!
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    Talking, talking, and talking some more
    Hanging out with my best friends
    Reading good books
    Watching TV
    Listening to music
    Singing along to music
    Playing with my sisters
    Playing volleyball
    Watching movies
    Joking around with friends
    Acting out plays for others
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  1. swim girl

    Where you will find me

    When she awoke at dawn, she was sure that she was being followed. She looked around but saw no one but herself. She tried to shake off the feeling but it wouldn’t go away. Finally, she yelled, “I know you’re there. Show yourself!” Claire waited a few seconds. Then she heard a sneeze. From behind an old apple tree a girl, looking to be about 14, poked her head around the tree to look at Claire. “Who are you?” she asked, “What is your name?” The girl shyly came out from behind the tree and with a voice so small, she said, “My name is Aqua. I am 13 and have been sent to protect you from the Colonies. Huh? Claire thought, so now I have to sneak myself and this ‘Aqua’ into the Colonies fortress? “Why would I need protection? Anyway your 13 and I’m 15 so I think it should be the other way around.” I was trying to find those kids that started the war and now I’ve got a kid to look after. Not to mention feed and clothe her too. She thought grudgingly. “Where are you from?” she asked slowly. Aqua slowly said, “I am from 8.” Eight! Thought Claire as she looked the girl over, eleven?! This tiny girl came from eleven? “Wait! Do you know those kids who started the War?” She quarried “Do you know where they are?” “Yes I know them. They visited my district. Twice.” Aqua replied. “And I know where they live, too.” “Really? You do?’’ Claire was excited that this ‘Aqua’ knew where to find the kids. Hmm….maybe she could come along. She thought she might have some other info about this kind of thing. “Would you like to come with me?’’ “Maybe” Aqua replied hesitantly. Claire sensed fear in her eyes and those same eyes softened her heart. “You can come along with me if you want” She said to Aqua as she packed up her blankets. “Really!? I can ride on that bike?! With you?” Aqua squeaked. “Sure.” Aqua climbed on to the crate and then tied herself in with an extra rope. One push of her foot, and they were off.
  2. swim girl

    Where you will find me

    Chapter 3: She stood there for a while before turning to look at the smoky mess that used to be her home. How did it come to this? She thought. Just a day ago her and Diane were getting ready to run away and now she was dead and so was everyone else, except Asher. But he was gone, so what did it matter? Claire started to pick her way around the ashy remains of the cottages and bodies. She didn’t know what to do. She was the last one alive from 15. Then all at once she knew what she must do. She must go to the Capitol and find Asher. She would need food, water and supplies. She would get revenge on the people who destroyed her home and her best friends life. She began to search for anything that would have survived the fire. She found the pantry unscarred and looted it. She packed apples, nuts, bread and meat into a crate and then strapped in onto her bike with some extra ropes from the Gymnasium. She grabbed blankets and extra clothes from the Laundromat. She swiped some makeup from the Beauty Salon. What for? It might come in handy, she thought, if I ever need to change my identity. Before she left she took a green blanket and covered Diane with it. Goodbye, she whispered as she swung her right leg over the bike, mounted it, and rode through the crack in the force field. From the outside, you would’ve never known that District 15 was no more. She took one last look around 15 before ridding off. At first the ride was hard, but as the days went by she got used to the bumps, holes in the road, and the extra weight on the back of the bike. At night she pulled out the blankets from the crate and slept on the ground. She rose at dawn ate some nuts and meat, packed up the blankets, and kept ridding. All the time she kept hoping that Asher was still alive. She knew that Austin, Asher’s brother, and his girl friend, Ashley were also captives. She kept going even when it rained or thundered. The memory of Diane’s body kept her feet pedaling even in the hardest of times. She remembered everything. And she remembered that all of what happened was because of her and it was her fault. She knew that and knew it would haunt her for the rest of her life.
  3. swim girl

    What TV show or movie are you?

    Sorry forgot about Walking Dead.
  4. swim girl

    Any Castle Fans?

    Yes! Finally a Castle Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
  5. Oh ok! Well as you live your life ensure you stay out of tribble! And enjoy the show!

  6. TARDIS is her username on this sight. A tribble is a ball of fur that purrs. But make sure that it doesn't get into your food! When a tribble gets into food, it multiplies. DRASTICALLY.

  7. Well have fun with that! And what is a Tribble? And how can Jaime be the TARDIS?

  8. Yes tonight I will watch the new one that just came out, Star Trek: Into Darkness. As soon as it came out my mom was at Walmart, buying it. My friend Jamie, also known as the TARDIS, told me that there is a Tribble so I am very excited! =)

  9. Yes it was! I don't remember it too well but it was amazing anyway! Plan to see the next one? (And oh yes it was awesome too!)

  10. swim girl

    Where you will find me

    Chapter 2 Claire was unaware that District 15 had been discovered by the Colonies because of her. In the afternoon, she went out again, and this time she felt obligated to go a bit further than usual. That one decision would change her life forever. She was distracted thinking about Asher and wondering if he would come along if he would come along when Diane and her escaped. Diane! I almost forgot we are leaving today! She thought. She quickly turned her bike around and rushed to get back before dinner so that Diane would have time to pack and then they would escape after dinner. Aarrgghh! She thought. I forgot that today we have to watch that show tonight about those two kids that started this War….Um was it Katniss Evergreen? No it Everdeen, I think. And Peeta…..Mellark? Something like that, She thought as she pedaled back to the crack in the force field. She didn’t realize that something was wrong inside 15 until she heard a scream. She slipped inside the crack and almost screamed herself. Everything was on fire and strange people with dark skin and white suits were running around shooting at random. ‘If hell is actually real,’ She thought, ‘Than this is what it is like’. She ducked behind a bush as Ashley was dragged past her by her hair and tossed into a helicopter. ‘Where is Diane and Asher?’ she screamed inside her head. Just then she heard 2 familiar screams. Asher! Diane! She wanted to yell at the top of her lungs. She watched as they ran by the bush that she was hiding behind and into the apartment complex. She instantly knew where they were going. Two of the intruders in white uniforms ran in there and a few seconds later came out with Diane and Asher, whom were tied up with ropes. Diane was saying something she couldn’t hear, so Claire inched closer cautiously. ‘Let me go!’ she screamed. ‘What do you want?’ Asher yelled. The two men slapped them and said to shut up or they would shoot them. Asher stopped screaming but Diane wouldn’t. ‘GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF OF ME YOU FREAK!’ What happened next would be etched into her mind for the rest of her life. The man that held Asher captive took out a long stick and pointed it at Diane. He pushed a button on the side of it and a sudden BOOM came out of it and light overwhelmed her eyes. When she could see again she saw Diane on the ground, bleeding from a wound in her skull and Asher was being dragged into a very big helicopter. They had knocked him out so he came along without resisting. She waited until flew away stunned at what had just happened. She finally figured out what happened. The Colonies had found 15. And it was all her fault.
  11. Well me and my mom just finished watching Star Trek. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great! It is so awesome that the ceiling looks sharp! So what has been up with you over the past few periods in time?

  13. Hey! which of these TV shows of movies are your favorite? And why?