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    Hi, my name is Grace.
    I was born in Riga,Latvia.
    I love sports, music, and drawing. I believe in God. If you want to know more about me, contact me.
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    Riga, Latvia
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    Music, sports, graffiti, history, dance, architecture, cooking, movies, reading, traveling...
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  1. Nothing much, trying to learn a dance from a favorite musical of mine and failing worse than a fail-cat. XDDDD

  2. Grace27

    I dislike...

    I dislike Islam!
  3. Grace27

    I like...

    I like music
  4. Grace27

    Favorite Book of the Bible

    What's your favorite book of the Bible. I like 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel and other books...and I like Acts and other books
  5. Grace27

    The Last Thing You Said

    Did you drink that?
  6. Grace27

    Change a letter.

    I don't what to write. I will write Pain. Sorry
  7. Grace27

    Add up the numbers in the persons aboves post count

  8. Grace27

    Guess the person to post next

    Nope RayRay?
  9. Grace27

    ban the person above me

    Banned for posting.
  10. I like basketball? Do you?

  11. I cannot sing to save my life.

  12. Yep! I like CTF!

  13. Lol yeah I see you're very active too! Its fun :D