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    IUppiter!!! Havent spoken in a while.
  2. Jason03

    Please Pray for Hue

    Well, now Hue is in another mental hospital, because he signed himself out of the last one. and they found out he mixed drugs, so they don't know how to help him anymore, and it could take 30 days. Idk what to think or do. I care about Hue. His family is asking for a whole bunch of prayers. So, can you guys please pray for him some more. Thanks.
  3. Jason03

    Please Pray for Hue

    thanks man
  4. Jason03

    Please Pray for Hue

    Hi everyone a family member of mine has had it hard for that past few years. so, recently he's started doing drugs and he's unknowingly gotten involved in a satanic worshiping group. just this week he was taken into custody because his parents didn't know what group he was participating in. they thought it could've been ISIS or something, so they called the authorities. so now he's in a hospital getting help. none of this is his fault, because he's had it really hard. from what i've heard, his parents have been neglectful, and focusing so much on themselves and his older sister. he's been in and out of college because of money issues and his parents scold at him over crap (from what i've heard). i feel for him because he's around my age (he's an older guy). if guys can, please pray for him. His name isn't Hue, but I'm not giving out his real name, so I'll just refer to him as Hue. thanks a lo
  5. Hi everyone. Please pray for this guy named Jay. He needs help cause its possible he might have HIV, and he's gay. So please pray for him. He's also suicidal. His HIV problem has made him suicidal. Please pray for him, because he needs it more than anyone I know! Also, so many Christians on YouTube put this guy down, they make him turn from God. So please pray for him, fast for him if you all need to! Here's a video from him below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUP7QMOoNDg -Thank you all so much!
  6. Hey all, I have no idea what to do for my Mom's 50th birthday. It's on Feb. 14th I'd like to know if anybody had any good ideas. She's pretty conservative, business woman, likes to talk, she wants to go to LA and stuff. I was thinking maybe a trip to Hawaii with a few friends and light birthday party at our house, but Idk. If so, thanks.
  7. Thanks man, but nevermind. I'm starting to get it figured out by myself. I think I'm good. Glory be to God, cause He's the One who made this possible. But thanks for accepting man. GBU Also, it would be great if the mods would delete or close this thread since I don't really need it anymore
  8. Hello men, I'm 17, and I have a really bad problem that could destroy my relationship with Jesus and stuff. I'm really looking for someone who I can talk too. Is there anyone on these forums who is willing to listen and help. If so, then God bless you! Also, if I refuse you, don't take it personal. If I've had some negative history with you, then I won't feel comfortable with sharing something this personal with you, so that's the reason I may refuse you. Thank you, and God bless you. -Jason03
  9. Jason03

    Porn support group new

    I know who you feel.
  10. Jason03

    Looking for accountability

    Ah man, you don't even know how much I need help on this too. I'll surely be your accountability partner! I know of others too!
  11. Hey all! I hope everyone has had a good day. Here is a video I believe all should watch on this Halloween...or Helloween holiday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ4i12QR3d8 Thanks, Austin
  12. Here is a repost of my thread that was unjustly locked. I'm not trying to offend anyone. I've been through a lot, so I CAN judge: Why, why, why??!!! Christians, why are we making stupid testimonies like the ones on the forums?? Why?!! I have NOT read a decent testimony by anyone. First of all, Christian testimonies are NOT meant to be our own personal gospels. There is only ONE gospel! Now I'm not here to preach, I come to you guys in anger and irritation. I've been off the forums for a long while. I actually deleted all of my information because I had planned to leave the forums and never return. I did so, not primarily, but slightly because I'm tired of the community here; particularly the testimony section! There are so many testimonies that start off with "on the one stormy day in October, I, a beautiful precious baby was born". Really? What the heck is this? Narcissism! Yes that's what it is! Testimonies are not our own biographies and they'renot to inspire people or to make people feel sympathetic for the burdens we currently carry or have carried! No! Testimonies are to explain to people how we have come to Christ! Honestly, based on the way people are here, I doubt anyone has a valid testimony because it seems that no one has come to Christ. And I don't mean go to church every Sunday and Wednesday or pray daily. I mean have a REAL relationship with Him where He actually speaks to you so you can audibly hear Him! I myself have not even come to this, but hey, I'm not the one making a testimony about all of the crap I've been through, no! And why, because it wouldn't be a valid testimony! Most of the testimonies on here only include God in like the last one or two paragraphs, briefly discussing how the testifier has some sort of knowledge of the Bible or something. If Jesus is the reason for the testimony, then why is He barely discussed in the testimonies here? Honestly, I'm proud that I can roll my eyes as I read through the testimony section and not feel guilty for being hateful or un-Christlike. Everyone acts so narcissistic and absurd! I repeat again, testimonies are NOT personal biographies, they are explanations of what led people to Christ. For example, when I do find Jesus and hear Him speak to me, I would testify to atheists and say, "I used to sin non-stop even after knowing the truth, I never repented, etc. etc. But this and this happened which ultimately helped me find the Lord; that's how I can tell God is real!" Don't you get it? Testimonies are to help persuade people that God is real and they must find Him too. We don't discuss our stupid problems that will make others feel bad for us like our anxieties or struggles. We focus on our sin and recognize how we've turned to Christ, not how we've been through so much and are now conquerors of the world through our own man power. Man power is stupid and unreal. And if it were real it'd be weak. Honestly, I'm trying hard to not be a hypocrite because I'm still living in sin and I haven't found Him yet (prayers would be great if anyone is willing, God bless you) and I know that I'm neglecting Him, which is NOT okay. Look, I hope you guys can take something for this as well as myself. Please, stop it with the ridiculous testimonies. They are NOT bios. In addition, don't stay living in sin. Repent! I've been struggling with repentance from sin for AGES! I warn you, don't let your sins tear you down. The particularly sin I been struggling with has destroyed a lot of my life and is so hard to turn from. I even know that I'm hurting Jesus but I don't seem to care. I need help. Please, don't let your sins ruin things between you and Him. Thanks
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    Talking to the lady's father

    Your married??