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    Greetings, friend! I'm Jessica, a 19 year old homeschooled Christian graduate. I'm in love with Jesus Christ and am so thankful He saved me at a young age.

    Here's a few things about moi...

    -I live with my dad, mom, and sister in the state home to the Derby and KFC.

    -I love to write. Absolutely love it. I've always loved to read and my fav authors inspired me to consider writing my own stuff. Putting my heart onto paper is one of the best feelings. But, of course, I'm one of those crazy writers who types away and gets lost in what I'm doing that I don't hear the person beside me trying to tell me something important. :p And I've heard it's kinda bad to know characters better than your friends...

    -I'm a Romantic and love historical anything! Just take a look at my room (when it's clean) and you will see old-fashion pictures everywhere. I like to think about simple times when folks knew everybody and would invite friends over to sip a coke on the front porch. What happened to that? :(

    -I love photography and photo-editing. Besides writing, this is my second love. I've been through tons of cameras and finally got my dream SLR camera with graduation money. Taking pictures of God's creation has always been one of my favorite things to do.

    -I'm a creative girl. Making something out of practically nothing, is so awesome!

    -I love to stretch the dollar. I'm a hunter of bargains and yardsale treasures! Most people don't understand, but the hunt is the fun part. Plus, ya gotta get down and dirty to strike GOLD.

    -I believe in doing what I love as a career and trusting that God will provide.

    -I believe in Purity and am waiting for that special guy to walk through the door.

    -I believe in blessing others at every opportunity and being a light to those who can't see.

    -And, I believe that since Jesus gave His everything, I should give Him my everything.

    That's me in a nut-shell! Now I wanna get to know you! I love to chat, so drop me a message anytime. :D
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    My Old KY Home
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    Praising God, Writing, Photography, Reading, Playing RPGs, Photo Editing, Fashion, Bargain Hunting, Watching Movies, TV shows, Being with Friends, Talking, Eating, Art...lots of stuff! :D
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    Online Business and Writer
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    Christian :)
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  1. I can't wear a whole lot of perfume since my allergies kick in, but I love a light fragrance. I got this one Victoria's Secret kind when shopping with my Aunt and it's called Hello Darling. It's white nectarine and peony, it smells so good!!
  2. I love every book for different reasons, but my favs are 1 Samuel, Ephesians, and Esther
  3. Amen, sister!
  4. I like vintage stuff and I'm a girl, hence Miss Vintage. It'd be pretty cool if that really was my last name...
  5. I like dinner best because my mom is amazing!
  6. I've never had a boyfriend, but I know I will someday in God's timing.
  7. Before I turned 17, I didn't wear hardly any makeup at all besides a dab of concealer. Now I wear eyeshadow (tans & browns), some mascara, pressed powder, and blush. I only wear it to enhance and I've always had uneven/blotchy skin, so it helps! I don't wear it day-to-day when I'm just at home, but I always do when I go out of the house.
  8. Movies/Cinema! I've actually only been bowling maybe five times in my life... I did go bowling recently for my cousin's birthday and that was fun. Movies are more interesting to me though.
  9. Banned because your snowman sent more snow to my house.
  10. What awesome news! Glad she is safe now!
  11. Banned for being CTF married to Zhouburn
  12. Sat down on the couch...
  13. Banned for living on Earth.
  14. Banned for being clever.