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  1. Prayer works according to the good sovereign plan and will of God. Prayer does much more than perform public miracles, it performs many unseen miracles. It demonstrates our limits and demonstrates our desire to rely on an all powerful God to affect lives and things outside of our control. It invites us into the presence of a Holy God on the basis of Christ alone, knowing that without Jesus, being in the presence of God in our sinfulness will only condemn us. It gives us an opportunity to wait and see the goodness of the Lord as He answers us in ways we never would have imagined.

    There is a need for doctors, there are many unseen miracles going on in the operation room. With each tragedy, pain and success, the hearts and lives of doctors, patients and nurses are all being affected. God has also given us science and this world for us to know much of it and how it works in order for us to worship Him in all his beauty. There is so much we can learn from the human body and how it works and how to heal it. God and miracles are not a substitute to science. We never stop learning about this world and the precise workings that God has put in place. The statement you made can be applied to anything in this world. If there's prayer, why is there a church, why do we have missionaries, why do we have engineers, why can't we just pray and have everything instantly happen the way we want it. The answer to that is, prayer is a means of grace that God uses to accomplish His will on the earth. It can be answered in many ways, but it is never a substitute for action. We pray and act. We pray and live. We pray and play. We pray and eat. We pray and glorify God.

    God wants us to persist in prayer as well. Never stop praying for your mom and loving her and being a Christ-like daughter to her. Your consistency, your tears, your prayers will all be heard by God and at the right time He will bring you healing and comfort and will wipe away your tears.

  2. Hi Cameron,

    It's good you recognize your need to battle those sins and to seek counsel and help against them. I think the people most equipped to help you would be your local pastor or member of your local church. If you haven't, talk to someone in a leadership position at your church whom you trust, so that he can help you in your fight for holiness. It would be difficult to have accountability with someone online, it's much better in person because you will have to meet face to face with the person. Continue to pray to God, read your Bible and trust in the sovereign sanctifying purpose of the Holy Spirit. Here's an article from desiringgod.org that might help:


    I also recommend reading the enemy within by Kris Lundgaard.  It is a book derived from John Owen's treatises on indwelling sin in the believer's life and the mortification of sin. Killing sin is different for everyone, some find instant success, others find themselves battling till the end of their lives. But as christians, we never give up on the fight against sin. There is a heaven and hell difference between one who fights his sin and demonstrates godly sorrow against his sin and one who is completely content in living a sinful life. I pray you're on the side of pursuing victory against sin. And your payer will be answered, either in this life, or the next. All who believe will be made like Him who saves. Be prepared for highs and lows and joy and sorrow, but never leave the fight for purity and holiness.

  3. On 7/22/2018 at 10:14 AM, Vdodge said:

    Hey everyone! It is so cool to find a forum for young Christians! I look forward to getting to know some of you and making some good Christian friends!

    Now for a little bit about me.  My name is Vincent.  I am 17 years old and just graduated from high-school/first two years of college.  I am now enrolled at Erskine College, a small Christian school in South Carolina, where I will be studying Political Science (which Lord-willing will function as my pre-law).  As for hobbies, I enjoy learning about how to defend what I believe, whether that be my faith in God or my conservative ideology (hence PoliSci major/interest in law).  I also am a member of Erskine's baseball team and look forward to pursuing that particular interest at a college level.

    As for my faith, I would consider myself a Calvinist, which for those of you who are not familiar is essentially a branch of Protestantism that believes in Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and the Perseverance of the Saints.  Those five things are collectively known as the Five Points of Calvinism.  Obviously, there are far deeper explanations than what I have given, but I won't get into that here!

    Anyway, that's all for me for now!  Again, I look forward to getting to know everyone!



    I became a calvinist about a year ago. Took me a while to embrace the doctrine of limited atonement. Hope you like it here!

  4. 1 hour ago, Selah said:

    So I joined in like 2008 when I was 18 and really, really silly.


    I'm almost 30 now :| (27, but eh)

    But I just remembered this forum existed! Am I...allowed to post still? 

    Zabby, are you still here? Anyhow, hi. Again. *hides*

    Nope, you're not allowed to post for abandoning all of us.