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  1. There never was nor shall be time wherein God could not say of himself, 'I am' …. He is a God that gives being to all things…. He is the Being of beings, subsisting by himself;…‘I am that I am, and as I am, so will I be to all eternity’…. He is infinite in power, sovereign in dominion, and not bounded as creatures are. Look backward or forward, God from eternity to eternity, is a most self-sufficient, infinite, perfect, blessed being, the first cause of our being, and without any ca...

    1. Kite


      cause of his own being; an eternal infinite fulness,

      and possession to himself and of himself. What God is, he was from eternity, and what God is, he will be so to eternity.

    2. GearheadGirl-440ci.


      Cool. Who wrote that?

    3. Kite


      Thomas Brooks