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    Lust Problem Help Please

    Recently I have had lust thoughts that slowly lead to masturbating and I feel so guilty. I have a girlfriend and we have been dating for almost 8 months and we have talked about masturbating and she does not have any temptation to but I have a big temptation. When I was younger, I used to masturbate a lot and then I came to my home church for the first time and I decided to stop and I did. But suddenly I have had many thoughts of lust and it leads to me masturbating. I'm scared to talk about it with my girlfriend because it upsets her when I say I do. I'm nervous to talk about it with my father because it kinda upsets him because he knows that I know I shouldn't and he has promoted me to stop a lot especially when I was younger. I have only went to one of my youth leaders and told him and he gave me great advice but I somehow started again. I have repented and tried so hard to stop but somehow the thoughts of lust get to me some nights when I am lonely and it leads to masturbating with the help of pornography and pictures of topless/nude women. I really want to stop because every time I do masturbate I feel guilty, disgusted, and really bad. I'm asking for help because I really want to stop and its really getting to me. Please help and please don't judge or criticize, I just want help. :'(