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  1. HisByGrace


    I like makeup, and I think it's fun to play with But I'm kinda lazy and I usually never have time to put it on in the mornings. Plus I like being able to not worry about my makeup smudging and stuff. So I only wear it for special occasions or possibly when I'm going out on weekends, if/when I feel like it
  2. HisByGrace

    Favorite Childhood Cartoon

    Me too! And Spongebob
  3. HisByGrace

    Frequent Communion

    Kind of an old thread but Catholics believe that it is the risen Christ, not the dying/mortal Christ or just a piece of flesh and blood (and I don't think the Orthodox or Anglicans, Episcopalians do either)- it's the risen Christ; body, blood, soul and divinity The difference is we don't believe that it's "in with and under the bread" like Lutherans do- it actually becomes Jesus, there's no bread and wine anymore present
  4. HisByGrace

    Tidy or messy?

    You can see my floor, but it's not very pretty.... Paper and books and clothes everywhere ! Good thing I'm moving out soon, then I'll finally be forced to clean it
  5. HisByGrace

    Are you planning on getting married?

    I don't know... I'm still trying to figure out where God is calling me I'm open to getting married, and I LOVE kids, but I wouldn't get married just for the sake of getting married, or because I like the idea or that's what people do- I would have to find the right guy.
  6. God doesn't want us to go to hell- so in that sense it is bad. Of course, he respects our freedom, which is why he allows us to choose hell- to freely choose to either love or reject him. Do you believe that God forgives you though? If you do, then remind yourself, -- if God can forgive me, who am I to not forgive myself ? Are my standards higher than God's? Am I greater than he is? If you don't, think again about what he did for us- not so that we would dwell in guilt, but so that we could be reconciled with him. I totally can relate to dwelling in guilt. But feelings are just that- feelings- and the fact remains that God has already forgiven me, so it would just be prideful of me to reject it. I don't have any special powers, but God does, so I pray and ask him to help me forgive myself. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death- 2 Cor 7:10 It is normal to feel guilty- that is the first step, but it should lead to repentance and accepting God's forgiveness. It doesn't stop there though- after I accept his forgiveness, then I have the freedom instead to focus on turning away from my sins, doing penance, and growing closer to him- we can do these things not to become forgiven, but because we now we are forgiven we can allow God to change our lives. Without accepting God's forgiveness though, feelings of guilt don't lead to anything good... and they are not from God. I hope this made sense. I know it's hard- I'll be praying for you =)
  7. HisByGrace

    Starting a Bible study

    I'm mostly inviting friends from school/ neighbours that I know pretty well. I plan on asking them when they're free, and then arranging a time and place to meet. I was thinking either my house or a library study room would be good places. They are meant to happen an hour a week for 8 weeks- the first week is an icebreaker/get to know each other/go out for coffee week though. (:
  8. You could also ask the question: How could you not want to go to heaven and be with God forever and instead reject his love, when he loves us so much and suffered so much so that we could be with him forever? God wants us to go to heaven. Not accepting God's forgiveness means that the thorns driven into his head, etc his suffering, and death were for nothing. It would mean going against him, after all he has done. God longs to forgive us. We don't deserve it, but he wants to forgive us anyway, because that is how much he loves us. So we should love him back, and accept this forgiveness
  9. My in-rez-studying outfit - purple robe (it's warm and fuzzy) - purple v neck sweater with a blue tank top underneath - yoga pants - fuzzy socks - hair: I think it's still in some kind of bun..... - and dangly silver earrings, because I felt like it. And it relieves stress when I play with them while I'm stuck on a math problem
  10. HisByGrace

    Has music effected your faith?

    Yes, definitely. Christian music strengthens my faith with it's beautiful lyrics- it reminds me of how much God loves me, and helps me pray- it is one of the ways I pray. And good music in general I think, even if it's not specifically Christian, glorifies God- it's a reminder of a lot of the beauty and truth in the world, and reflects God's creativity and the beauty of his creation.
  11. HisByGrace

    Why your denomination?

    I'm Catholic because I believe that the Catholic Church is the church that Jesus started. Growing up, I used to think that all Christians believed the same thing. My family wasn't really religious, so though I was baptized Catholic my beliefs were really a mix of my personal interpretation of the bible mixed in with what I read and what I heard at school. When I first learned there were all these denominations that taught different things, I started researching to see which one matched my beliefs the most. But then I started thinking, how do I know my interpretation is the right one? I realized that not everyone could have the authority to interpret the bible, because... these interpretations all contradicted each other, so they couldn't all be true. I researched different denominations and learned that Catholics believed that Jesus started the Catholic Church and was the source of its authority- and then I saw all the history and documents that backed this claim... and a lightbulb kind of went on in my head and I just knew that Catholicism was true.
  12. I don't have a least favourite subject. I've come to realize this as every year, my answer to the question changes. For the most part, I think it's how a subject is taught, not the subject itself I admit I don't like doing tedious calculations in math/science. But the concepts and ideas behind it fascinate me, so it usually makes the work worth it.
  13. HisByGrace

    What are your opinions on alcohol?

    I only drink in moderation and infrequently. Why? Well first of all, I'm not legal yet (will be in a few weeks) so I can only (legally) drink at home, with family, on special occasions... ie. rarely. And I don't think we should be drinking to get drunk, I'm not a big fan of keggers and parties like that, and most of my friends don't really drink anyway so I don't think anything will change when I turn 19.
  14. HisByGrace

    Starting a Bible study

    Food, I almost forgot about that! =D And I'll remember to keep it like a conversation. Luckily, we're given a ton of materials for the Bible study, and a lot of the study is actually asking the participants for answers or discussion topics- so hopefully it won't turn into a lecture. It's a study intended both for Christians and non-Christians alike, so it's mostly about the basics. Thanks for your advice But how do I go about asking people to join, without making them feel too intimidated to join, or obliged to, just because we're friends or something? I don't know, I just don't want people to feel uncomfortable
  15. HisByGrace

    When you cant feel God...

    Through prayer and reading scripture When I can't feel God, praying is really hard, but I know that it's the time when I need to pray the most, so I pray anyway, for God's help to stay strong in my faith even though I can't feel him. Reading the bible also reminds me to focus on facts rather than feelings- what our faith is really about- it is about God, and how he showed his love for us by dying for us and promising us eternal life- these things are facts and they don't change no matter how I'm feeling. Our feelings change, but God's love for us doesn't. Feelings have a secondary role in our relationship with God, because they change. Our faith should be based instead on the fact that God loves us. God doesn't stop existing or loving when we don't feel him, and then come into existence/ start loving us when we do feel him. He is always there, and he always loves us. -> That is what I remind myself of, whenever I can't feel God.