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    I sometimes feel really sad but im trying to be happy and i guess that's what counts.
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    Animals, writing, gardening, reading and painting.
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    Gap year student
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  1. Why 'ello dere fellow Brit! Welcome to the forums!

  2. jennifer1231996

    Anyone else enjoy gardening?

    this is my little garden I love flowers!! Anyone else enjoy gardening? Share pictures if possible!
  3. jennifer1231996


    Once a week i voulenteer at a dog breeders and groomers, they mainly have cocker spaniels, poodles or cocka-poo's (a mix between the two). While i was doing my health and social A level we got to go to the local nursery and help out there, it was really cool. Voulenteering is fun!!
  4. jennifer1231996

    My photography

    Wow very cool!!! The one with the two children with the hats is cute, it looks like something you'd get on a post card or something ) Keep it up! Perhaps you should try more wide shots? Like landscapes etc? It might widen the variety in your portfolio xxxx
  5. jennifer1231996

    Tumblr Blogs!

    mine is starshineandnaptimes.tumblr.com it's a pink themed blog, i hope you like it ^^
  6. They're very good! I have a whole collection of them. They're 'chick-lit', an easy read but not too simple so it's boring. They're normally a rom-com type sweet heartwarming read which isn't too heavy. They really perk me up when i'm feeling down. My favourite is 'A walk in the park.' If you have read them, what is your favourite?
  7. jennifer1231996


    This is a really nice and selfless post. May the people of Boston be safe, may the people who lost loved ones be given strength and may the hurt be healed quickly. xxxxx
  8. jennifer1231996

    Please pray for my loved ones

    My parents have both died in the past 4 years, along with my grandma. Please pray for Tracey, Stephen and Jo. My wonderful parents and grandmother, who I sometimes argued with, but i love very much and will never forget. Please pray for my brother and my aunt to be able to get through this, and please pray for me to have the strength to make it through. It means a lot and thankyou to anyone who can. <3
  9. Have you thought about very dark purple? Sometimes that looks really nice
  10. jennifer1231996

    How do you cure your hunger?

    Chicken sandwhiches with ground pepper, bit of lemon juice and a little bit of lemon juice. mmm