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  1. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. -Alfred A. Montapert
  2. Adelev

    Gap Year/Trying To Decide What To Do Next

    Hello! I'm currently on a gap year. Even though I feel like I'm not that productive, I don't regret taking it. I just can't imagine going straight to college after finishing high school. I don't call it a waste of time. I need to recharge
  3. Adelev

    What Makes You Smile?

    Getting letters make me happy!
  4. Adelev

    Hello Everyone!! :)

    Hey Ashley! Thank you It is enjoyable and quiet I think
  5. :-)

    Welcome to CTF!!! :)

  6. Adelev

    Hello Everyone!! :)

    Howdy Micaila! Thank you I hope too xD
  7. Adelev

    Hello Everyone!! :)

    Hello! Thank you!
  8. Hello! I'm new here My name is Adele. I'm 15 and live on an island in Indonesia. I'm currently a 10th grade student. I like music, book, computer and game. So that's all. I hope to make some friends here! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks for reading xD God Bless!
  9. Adelev

    Hey.......what are your hobbies?

    I like signing, reading, writing, listening to musics, surfing the net, making craft, playing guitar and games