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    Hey :) My name is Jessica.

    Here are a couple of short facts about me:

    I was raised in a Christian family.
    I have 4 older brothers.
    I was homeschooled.

    I have Social Anxiety and it's difficult for me to approach people off and online first.

    I'm in an LDR with a great guy<3
    I love joking around with people and am sarcastic.
    I can be blunt, but been told i'm also sweet.
    I love cats, and animals in general.
    Music is my addiction.
    I'd like to be an Author of MG and YA fiction one day.
    I tend to update my profile when i'm bored :P

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
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    Reading, music, mythology, psychology, fantasy, sci-fi, art, writing lyrics and stories, and designing on photoshop
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  1. Well they got home from the hospital this morning at 6:00, just when i was getting up. Because my dad had a kidney stone, we stayed home today. So I'm just going to sit around and help my dad and then wait for tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow is an all-day marathon of Castle. =)

  2. Hey I'm back! See you later. If you have time, please pray for my dad. He was sick all day and now my mom is taking him to the hospital. Thanks!

  3. єℓƒ

    Rate the Above song

    5/10. was alright. At least give this guy props
  4. єℓƒ

    The Worst Song Ever

    Honestly, is there even a song bad enough to top Friday? O.o
  5. єℓƒ

    Rate the Above song

    Pretty cool 7/10.
  6. єℓƒ

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    I don't know who Clara is, i'm on the last few episodes of season 6. If they are going for more of a darker feel then his quirks will probably come as comic relief, but i'm also curious as to how everything will work together with the new guy.
  7. єℓƒ

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    I guess i'm just used to the younger Doctors as i've never seen the classic Doctor Who. ---------- Post added at 01:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 AM ---------- He does seem like a pretty good actor, that i am pleased about (i hate it when actors are obviously trying to act lol). A darker Doctor would be interesting and i'd personally like to see that myself as long as he isn't like Christian Bale's Batman lol so i'm glad to hear they are keeping some of his quirkiness, to me he wouldn't be The Doctor without that charm and wit. I'm interested to see who will be his companions.
  8. єℓƒ

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    I'll admit i wasn't the most thrilled when i first saw that an old guy was chosen for the next Doctor, and it made more sense (to me anyway) that when he regenorates he'd get young again not old, but as long as he keeps his quirky energetic charm and not turn into some always serious dull guy i won't really complain about his age.
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    Sometimes i'm just so sick of living in my own skin. I feel like i'm locked in my own personal prison.
  10. єℓƒ


    I hate my mind. I'm sorry i think these things, but i just can't control it. These thoughts just pop up out of no where as if there's someone else living in my brain putting them there. They make me feel like a disgusting human being and hate myself even more
  11. єℓƒ

    the person below me

    True, but i'm more picky about patterns TPBM likes sea food
  12. єℓƒ

    Get to know you better

    Love for Jesus. What do you think this generation of kids is lacking the most?
  13. єℓƒ

    the person below me

    Currently no. TPBM has a bad habit they can't seem to break.