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    ❤Hey every one i'm Tay, Born in June on the 5th. I'm a Gemini Spring baby and i love it so much!
    i cry and i talk to my dogs and god all the time, they had to get put down...., I say I love you to each and every one of them. I love them with all my heart,❤ and god knows i do.

    I love Pokemon! Mainly every thing on Cartoon network. Yup i'm a mature 17 year old, I just like fun stuff.
    Green is my favorite color
    I love Pearls....there awesome
    I'm a nature girl
    I don't like seeing animals being abused or hurt.
    Life is like the Sims with a little bit of grand theft auto.
    -Yesterday was the past. Today is the Present. Tomorrow is the future.-
    -Life is to short to be stuck inside on beautiful days-

    ❤♋ ☮♥✞ ♬♫❈
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    Dogs, God, Life, Spicy Food, Books, Fun Stuff, Skype, Sponge bob, Fashion, Heels, Gemini's , Unique Stuff Aka. The Weirdness
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    Studying to become a Dancer/ Actress
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    ''Angel of Animals''
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  1. Dan! ..Tell me! pal!!!

  2. It was great!! interesting concept, excellent special effects! they changed the story a little.. but it was still really cool! more background which I liked, and there was this part, where.. oh and this other part and, oh man that one scene.. (<--tease) :flapper:

  3. Doglover17


    I think they or he controls every thing. I think god regrets making man sometimes, because it is man who will be the one to destroy the planet, Women isn't nothing but peace in a flower!
  4. Doglover17

    Any ideas to kill time!

    Play me in Uno! im the best at that game, or Play Sorry or Monopoly
  5. Doglover17

    Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts????

    I like both tea and coffee!
  6. How was the man of steel movie!! Tell me how it ended!!!! :D

  7. Thank you every one!

  8. Thank you :) this is cute!

  9. Your so sweet Thank you!

  10. :) Thank you so much!
  11. Happy Birthday!!! :)


  12. Hey Happy Birthday!

  13. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so cute!