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  1. FaithfulDisciple

    3 Word Story

    and jumped into
  2. Gahh, why is he so mean? What did he tell you?

  3. We do at home, but I mowed at my nana's house! I got paid $50, but I didn't get to finish because it got dark. I'll get paid $25 for finishing up tomorrow!

    My uncle was there and ugh. He is an A-hole. I cannot stand him. He's MEAN. He was in like, four wars, and he has some mental issues from it. So he acts HORRIBLE. But still. He treated me like an idiot the entire time and yelled and whatnot. I left, drove down the road, and cried. For the first time in nearly five years or so. Yeah.

  4. FaithfulDisciple

    3 Word Story

    Couldn't find this on the forums, so I thought I would start a thread like it. I apologize if there already is one! The game is simple. Everyone adds another three words to the story. Example: Person #1 The ugly frog Person #2 jumped into the Person #3 water and he... And so on... I'll start: The crazy little
  5. Cool. You got one of those zero-turn radius lawn mowers? THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN. xD But I'm about to go eat, lol.

  6. Not much. About to go mow grass for money. You?

  7. So whatchya been up to? lol

  8. FaithfulDisciple

    I like...

    I like popcorn.
  9. Yeah, I haven't been on as much. Sorry about that, ahaha.

  10. ME TOO

    it's been a while

  11. pppppppppppsssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbgggwougrwuit

    I'm bored.

  12. Same here! I don't have patience