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    Reading, swimming, playing the flute, watching movies
  1. little giant

    help with avatar please

    Awwww thank you
  2. little giant

    Colorado Springs.

    Praying for you and your family and everyone else in Colorado Springs
  3. little giant

    How do you cure your hunger?

    I had enchilades and a salad for dinner, mmmm:drool: I cure my hunger my eating fruit or a small granola bar between meals
  4. little giant

    the right choice?

    Umm ok, I'll just start from the beginning I have been homeschooled since ninth grade, just finished my junior year and i have loved every bit of it! My mom didn't go easy on me though I had to work for those A's. But lately I've noticed small hints from some family members that I should try to go back to school for my senior year (Chistian Academy)... I'm worried though that I won't understand their curriculum, my friend goes there and she says that its very hard... great:glare: They say that it might help me get out more(i'm kind of a home-body) and that I could meet new ppl. thing is though I have a job. With homeschool I love it but worried that when I get a REAL job I won't have anything to show them saying that I finished all of my schooling or that they just won't believe me:sad: This is causing me some anxiety and I don't need that right now when i'm trying to make up my mind of what I should do please pray for me that i will make the right choice it's a very hard decision:frown:
  5. little giant

    Is it selfish to pray for help with loneliness?

    I don't think its selfish at all to ask God to help you with your loneliness, I've asked many a times to send someone for me to be friends with. And no you are not doomed to be lonely for the rest of your life, God loves you He will send someone who is nice and just right for you, don't worry:)
  6. little giant

    Prayers please

    Praying that your Grandfather will feel better and not nervous!
  7. little giant

    I Need Prayer

    Praying that you will feel better and that God will protect you, Remember God loves you very much
  8. little giant

    fathers day ideas

    Its the 16th of June You still have plenty of time!
  9. little giant


    I love pasta too!! I would have to say my signature dish would be, my Macaroni Salad, it has 5 boiled eggs,3 pieces of celery (chopped),5 sweet pickles (chopped), half a onion(chopped), 16 oz. shell mac. salt, a cup of miracle whip, a tbsp. ketchup and mustard! It rocks:) Your Chicken Carbonara sounds really good! What does the carbonara sauce taste like?
  10. Hey everybody, Since fathers day is coming up I thought it would be neat to see what ideas or plans everyone had for their dad! Ex: I'm taking my dad out to lunch (not sure where though) Remember we also have another father in heaven, and he loves each and everyone of you:)
  11. little giant

    Your Username Story

    Little giant, I'm short, petite, but I have a giant heart for everyone
  12. little giant

    What type of sports do you like?

    I like swimming, Ping-Pong
  13. little giant

    Any ideas to kill time!

    Help the elderly, learn a new language, read, go shopping, start an ant colony I'm also homeschooled!!!
  14. little giant

    Hey.......what are your hobbies?

    I like sketching, swimming, being outside, playing with my puppy, and playing my flute!!