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  1. BabyBear9


    See, I said Luke for a similar reason. I loved what it demonstrated about Jesus's love and acceptance. I also like how Luke, John, and Acts are sequenced, since Acts is more about the Holy Spirit.
  2. BabyBear9


    Is there a specific Gospel that speaks to you the most? Is there one that paints a picture of Jesus that you feel the most connected with? Is there one that your church has relied on more than the others, so you may feel it is the most important in your life? Or one that you personally have relied on more than others? No matter for what reasons: which is your "favorite" Gospel?
  3. BabyBear9

    How old are you?

    I was starting to feel old, until I saw a few others between 18-21. I'm 19 and boring as all get out. I'm an accounting major.
  4. BabyBear9

    How do you like your men Ladies?

    Strong, sweet, and Southern. Haha. Really, though. I've been with Will for almost six years. There are things that attracted me to him that I think we all kind of think about. He has a cute smile with this little scar on his lip, big brown eyes, he's a gentleman, he's pretty smart... There are things I love about him that make all the difference that I never really thought about when we first started seeing each other. He's funny. I never thought about wanting to be with a funny guy, but if he didn't make me laugh, I probably wouldn't want to be around him so much. Will doesn't try to be funny. He just says silly things. Will is very humble (although sometimes to the point he's almost down on himself). He doesn't expect anything from anyone because he feels like he has to earn every good thing that comes his way in life. He's grateful for everything he has, from his little 2WD '98 Ford Ranger to everyone in his life. He tells me I'm an undeserved blessing. It's kind of cute. He's honest, not just with others, but with himself and the Lord. It's crazy. I walked in on him praying once, right before my daddy died. He was begging for my daddy's condition to make a 180, because I need him. He was so simply honest and informal, like he was talking to his best friend. I thought I was going to cry. I think I might now. I feel like I'm doing the mother-hen thing and always looking for that in guys that my friends start seeing now.
  5. Grateful to have God's match for me, who understands my priorities of faith and family. <3

  6. I was thirteen when I started seeing my boyfriend. We've been together five and half years now.
  7. BabyBear9

    Help meh.

    I have a friend who was overweight most of her life, "broken home," never was happy with her weight. She's straight up beautiful, though. She did develop a disorder called orthorexia nervosa, where she was obsessed with what she was eating. She counted every single calorie, resolved to work them all off, and refused to acknowledge the existence of foods she considered unhealthy. What was recommended to her was to look at a BMI chart and get realistic. Don't shoot for the low end for your height, because if you don't have a thin frame, it isn't going to happen. Set a goal for a healthy weight, not a tiny waist.
  8. BabyBear9

    Traditional College vs. Bible College

    I can understand separating science and religion, but my concern looking at colleges is life outside of class. I had the option to go to college my junior and senior year of high school. It was a public university and class wasn't bad, but actual college life made me uncomfortable. I only had two classmates that I really connected with. I took a college visit to a church affiliated school, and I fell head over heels for it. I felt about the same from class to class, but I was more comfortable at lunch and just hanging out in the dorms.
  9. BabyBear9

    Grey hair.

    I'm so blonde, I don't know if I would notice with all the white ones. My boyfriend of five years, on the other hand, has plenty. He deals with it as follows: 1: Denial 2: Blaming me 3: Blaming genetics 4: More denial
  10. BabyBear9

    Bible College and Non-Christian Parents

    I agree with what's being said. I think with everything going on in this world, if you believe in Him and His pull on you, then you should go with it. I wouldn't go strictly to a seminary-type school incase you change majors after discovering a different plan for serving the Lord, but one that offers a theology program as well as others. I have a similar thing going on with my parents. I want to go to a Baptist college, which came as a bit of a shock to them. They weren't sure I'd like it, because the campus is so strict and you have to attend massive quantities of church services to even graduate, regardless of your major. But when I pointed out that with everything going on at other schools (like a local state school with a massive drug problem) and everything going on in my life (multiple concussions and my daddy's liver failing), that living in a small, supportive, structured, Christ-centered community. We're all going on a campus visit, which includes a Q & A session for my parents without me while I attend a class with the other students. We'll also be getting lunch at the dining hall and attending a church service. I'm hoping my parents seeing me in that environment and having their questions answered by the admissions staff will help. Hopefully, your parents will be happy to see you happy.
  11. BabyBear9

    Why your denomination?

    Why am I a Baptist? Funny story. My daddy's Catholic. My momma's Methodist. My baby-sitter and her family are all Church of Christ. But when I was in elementary school, a lovely Baptist couple ran a "Bible Club" after school on Thursdays. All of a sudden, Christianity made sense to me. There was so much love, support, and singing, Oh, the singing. <3
  12. BabyBear9

    How tall are you?

    5'9" I didn't think of myself as particularly tall until I saw the women I work with. I can tell when someone's been using my monitor, because they have it tilted down a good 40 degrees to be able to see it.
  13. General: 1-888-NEEDHIM National Prayer Line: 1-800-4-PRAYER Liberty Godparent Ministry: 1-800-368-3336 Grace Help Line: 1-800-982-8032 Biblical Help for Youth in Crisis: 1-800-HIT-HOME Association of Christian Counselors: 1-800-526-8673 National Christian Counselors Association: 1-941-388-6868
  14. BabyBear9

    Tattoos :)

    I want Ecclesiastes 7:8 (in my signature). Before I was even a day old, my daddy told me "patience is a virtue, just not one of yours." I can't go very long without hearing it, because I am genuinely extremely impatient. It would be a nice reminder, especially since I don't know how much longer he'll be around. Of all the tattoos I could've gotten, he'd be proud. My uncle is the only other person on either side of my family that has any tattoos, and my grandparents aren't real impressed with them. So they'll probably crap kittens until they realize what mine is. I still have two and a half months before I can get mine, though.
  15. BabyBear9

    Rising a young daughter - need advice sisters

    I spend a lot of time with children. I volunteer with gifted kids especially, since our schools have the programs but not the man power to run them. Some who are terribly gifted and need some kind of challenge to ground them and keep them focused will start acting similar to your daughter when they aren't presented with the proper challenge. Most grow out of that phase around seven years old, but some don't until they're closer to eleven. The behavior stems basically from not having interest in what's going on around them, and does come off a lot like ADHD. Again, she's your little pride and joy. You know her better than we do.