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  1. Andy Man

    What Not to Say To Singles

    Ha-ha , "you are married to Jesus" will definitely make someone uncomfortable. Thank you for this article, it was well received. I second that, curryjacket .
  2. Andy Man

    Prayer request, kinda important!

    You are in my prayers in...3...2...1
  3. Ha-ha, I did not check the date. Oh well then So much for that...
  4. I start with the Lord's prayer that Christ taught us . Then I pray more spontaneously (But I usually know what I want to pray for before hand, so its somewhat structured).
  5. Andy Man


    God's curse on Eve has come far ...
  6. Andy Man

    Pray for me?

    Said a short prayer for you Cody, since this a prayer forum, I won't address your concerns mentioned. Hope all goes well.
  7. Andy Man

    The Angel of The Lord- opinions?

    Some people equate the angel of the Lord with the Holy Spirit, because the word is not actually angel but 'messenger', so it would be 'the messenger of the Lord'. I have though also come across the idea that he is a "pre-incarnate Christ"...
  8. Andy Man


    A little makeup doesn't hurt...But how much is a little?
  9. Andy Man

    Writing on skin

    I personally would not do it too much (or at all for that matter). When I was a kid, my parents would tell me that I will get cancer if I write on myself ...
  10. This is a good idea (and its even better than we can get a variety of writers with varying opinions). I personally do have a blog and there are many topics I have in mind that I could write about. The main problem though will be time for me , I am usually very busy and can most likely only submit something once in a long while. But, still I voted: I like the idea and I am interested in submitting articles .
  11. Andy Man

    To those of you with blogs...

    It honestly does not bother me at all whether people read or not I do know however that somewhere, someone is always reading. You can also check the number of views you have, my views keep increasing daily (whether by 5 or 80, it slightly inffluences me to keep writing). Blogging is a great way of improving your writing, it is also very personal so you will not find yourself loosing motivation if it is primarily for yourself. I like writing down my thoughts and ideas, so as I move forward in life I can go back to see how my views have changed since then you know ...
  12. You really seem to like this girl man so I am not going to waste my time quoting bible verses like 2 Corinthians 6:14 and what not (Its been done enough ). What I will say though is that you are only 16, this could just be a short term crush. I thought I was in love with this one girl when I was 15, like seriously in love (I thought she was the most amazing person yada...yada...yada), but it was just a brief but intense infatuation... I am not surprised that she is into witchcraft, many teenage girls are getting into Wicca and New Age beliefs. This should however, be a warning to you, you are risking walking into ungodly territory Overall Mike your love for this girl, should not be more than your love for Christ (I am sure you know this). And especially do not let her (or anyone else for that matter) turn you away to vain spiritualism and what not... If you succeed in turning her to the Lord, then well done my friend Lastly, I advise that you rather focus on God and overcoming the sins in your life than on any girls...But, as with most things the choice is always yours
  13. Andy Man

    How do you cure your hunger?

    Light, Natural and Healthy