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    I am a teen who is Catholic and very strong about my faith. I have a pretty interesting conversion story to becoming deeper in my faith. I love singing and playing guitar/piano and love singing and writing songs!
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    Minnesota, USA
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    Singing, going to church, playing sports, watching sports, playing piano, playing guitar, watching movies
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    helping on my family's Dairy farm and a Student
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  1. Hey sorry I haven't been on Bethany. I've been really busy.

  2. bethany24

    the person below me

    True! I love watching movies. The person below me has seen a cow in real life.
  3. bethany24

    Get to know you better

    No, I do not collect guns. Do you like lead pencils or mechanical pencils better?
  4. bethany24


    Okay, thanks for praying! The cousin, who got hurt the most, is still in the hospital. The vertebrae that she fracture was in her neck, so when she does get let out of the hospital (which will be a bit yet) she will have to wear a neck brace for 3 months. Also, the surgery on her broken arm went well. The other 2 are okay. They are at their home.
  5. bethany24

    Despicable Me 2

    Hey, everyone! So on my Birthday, (Tuesday) I went to see the movie "Despicable Me 2" with a friend. I just saw the first one about a month ago for the first time. I loved it. Therefore, when I went to see the 2nd one, I was thoroughly excited! I really enjoyed the movie! Also, I saw it in 3D and I thought it was so cute how the little kids kept reaching their hands out, as if they could touch what was happening in the movie. I realize it's an animated PG film, but I love those type of movies! haha It was so cute. I'd highly suggest it!
  6. bethany24

    The "But" Game

    But my eyes are glued shut so I fell down the stairs and am in a full body cast. Go break dance infront of your Mom
  7. bethany24


    Woah, I think the guy I like actually likes me back! I don't know how to feel about this right now. I think I'm still in shock. haha We had the best conversation this morning! This kind of stuff never happens to me. haha We'll have to wait and see what happens!
  8. Hello fellow Minnesotan! :D

  9. bethany24

    The "But" Game

    But I am too tired to climb to the top of the mountain of bread. Go into a big city and talk in a British Accent with a toupee (not sure of spelling) on your head!
  10. bethany24

    Ctf Official Dating Debate

    I would say 15 or 16. At 15, they should be mature enough, but they are still not old enough to drive. I mean I am 16 tomorrow, but I am also more mature for my age, so I think I'd be able to date, but I don't date just anybody, so I have been single my whole life. I wouldn't date someone that I couldn't see myself marrying in the future. By 16, people kind of know what they're looking for, they can drive (in most cases), and they should be mature enough. I don't know, that's just me.
  11. bethany24


    More Confessions: I love the thrill of Rollercoasters, but why do they have to be so short?! Also, I'd much rather be behind the lens of a camera than in front of it. I am not very photogenic and I'm pretty insecure about myself, but what girl isn't? I've only slept past 10 AM once in my life. I'm not saying that I am a morning person, but I feel like sleeping in that late just wastes the day. It makes your opportunity of becoming closer to God or doing what you love shorter if you sleep in late. Lastly, it's hard for me not to fall for every really nice guy I meet because they seem rare now-a-days.
  12. bethany24


    Welcome! I'm pretty new here too!
  13. bethany24

    When was the last time you....

    The last time I had had an online test was May 15th. Gotta love finals! Not! When was the last time you ate licorice?