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    Just a girl trying to live a good life.
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    Reading, writing, art, music, and dogs
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  1. Hey Rosie, welcome to CTF =D

  2. Rosie96


    I just signed up because I have been feeling really disheartened by the world lately and wanted to find other people who actually care about being good Christians and doing what is right. I know I'm not alone in my battles but i do hope to meet and be able to talk to someone like myself. If you're out there and want to talk, please message me! I would love to get to know you! Thanks, Rosie
  3. Rosie96

    Why so permiscuous?

    Well, lately I've been feeling very alone on this issue. I am not a judgmental person and I understand that everyone makes bad decisions. The thing I want to bring up is promiscuity. My best friend (who has quickly changed due to peer pressure) feels the need to tell me of her sexual exploits and meaningless encounters. She justifies and and seems to think that it makes her cool. I guess in today's society it is? But truthfully most of the girls I know who are sexually active are in monogamous relationships first. I don't think our friendship will last much longer because we are now so different. (I believe in love and fidelity) but I am saddened to hear her shrug it off, like it doesn't matter. What do you think? Does it still matter to at least one girl out there like it matters to me? Thoughts and opinions please!