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    I bought a tidy little 50cc scooter in January. It was a non-runner and in a poor state. So I spent some weekends buying parts and fixing her up, now she's insured and taxed and ready for the summer. Great fun to ride:)
  2. Seeing as the summer exams are just a few weeks away, I feel the need to purchase some new reading material to enhance my procrastination capacity. Can anyone recommend some decent books on apologetics? I'm familiar with John Lennox's work and also William Lane Craig's and they've helped in many a conversation with my uni coursemates and flatmates about God, Jesus, The Bible etc. Thanks in advance!
  3. BlueBrie

    Books on Christian Apologetics

    So many suggestions! I'll certainly take a further look at some of these, thanks:)
  4. BlueBrie

    Are you giving up anything for Lent 2014?

    Thanks Orange juice and milkshake are going to be my substitutes.
  5. BlueBrie

    Are you giving up anything for Lent 2014?

    Giving up tea & coffee 0_o I'm going to be dealing with some serious withdrawal symptoms.
  6. BlueBrie

    Photo editing & photo enhancing software

    The one I use is Serif Photoplus Starter (free download). Very similar to photoshop but not quite so sophisticated.
  7. Big day of sport today. Wales vs Ireland followed by the South Wales derby. Buzzing! XD

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    Worrying :(

    I'm a 1st year genetics student and have pretty much the same problem with my parents not able to keep bugging me to revise:P Relying too much on God isn't a bad thing! 1 Peter 5 verse 7 says "Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you". Relying on God is something I struggle with daily because I tend to make decisions very independently so I envy that quality you have. On a more practical note, planning how you spend your time in advance really helps if you can stick to it. It allows you to put in the hours of study but also set aside time with friends and time with God. Again, all this advice is completely hypocritical:P
  9. BlueBrie

    what is Christianity to you?

    For me, Christianity is two things. Firstly it gives me a worldview which puts everything into perspective. It helps me cope with suffering and sheds light on the bits of life that don't seem to make sense otherwise. Second is the amazing relationship with our heavenly Father we can have and the bucketloads of grace he pours on us. However I don't think words do any of this justice:)
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    The Angel of The Lord- opinions?

    When "The angel of The Lord" is described in the Old Testament as opposed to "An angel of The Lord, it seems to indicate a unique, distinct angel set apart from the rest. "The angel of The Lord" also appears to speak as if he were God himself. For example: Genesis 16:10,13 Moreover, the angel of the LORD said to her, "I will greatly multiply your descendants so that they will be too many to count."…Then she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, "You are a God who sees;" for she said, "Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him?" There is a fairly common belief that the angel of The Lord is actually an early manifestation of Jesus (who claimed that he was around before Abraham's time). So my question is... is the angel of The Lord in the old Testament Jesus? *opens bag of popcorn*
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    Uni Freshers Advice!

    This is a chance for the older guys on the forum to put on their best wise face and give us freshers some practical tips for living a God-pleasing lifestyle at uni. What with all the alcohol, parties, independence, and more alcohol, it looks a bit of a spiritual challenge Oh, and what's the best thing about uni IYO
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    Uni Freshers Advice!

    cheers guys this all sounds like good stuff:) mm free food sounds good
  13. BlueBrie

    Uni Freshers Advice!

    haha thanks guys, really insightful;)
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    Hit the keyboard then hit "Submit Reply"

    egvvvvvvvsdh jfgbsdfgkj lvsd
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    British Banter

    haha I love his stand up. Bill, Sue and Rob Brydon/ Phil Jupitus = dream panel
  16. BlueBrie

    British Banter

    Bill Bailey is my man crush
  17. BlueBrie

    British Banter

    Please let there be another QI fan on here XD
  18. BlueBrie

    British Banter

    I was on about angel delight:P but I remember sunny d now. That stuff WAS vile *shudders*
  19. BlueBrie

    British Banter

    The king of instant whip
  20. BlueBrie

    British Banter

    loving the thread but Ambrosia's got nothing on sunny delight:laugh:
  21. BlueBrie

    Prayer request, kinda important!

    will also be praying! I can't tell you how much I admire and respect you:) BB
  22. BlueBrie

    Are all girls this way with guys?

    There are only as many manipulative girls as there are stupid impulsive guys...so no, they are a minority. Always like a rant BB
  23. BlueBrie

    Favorite Book of the Bible

    Genesis is a very cool book:) certainly deserves a mention BB
  24. BlueBrie

    New here!

    Hi guys looking forward to posting on here:) I'm 18, starting genetics @ uni soon and currently living in the UK:D BB