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    Hello everyone, my name is Brandon, but by my profile name you probably have already guessed that, but anyway, I should probably tell you all some things about myself, first off I am a very down to earth person, not judging on other peoples opinions, I love to play games and be social, one of my favorite game series of all time has got to be Sonic the Hedgehog, I love it, and if you want to know more about me just look for me in the forum, or private message me and I hope to share my opinion and make people laugh, also, I am really into anime now, so YAY! Anyways, audios! :)
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    Gaming, Frisbee, Extending my sense of humor, Learning, Staying healthy, Caring for my family and friends, Open to other peoples opinions, and finding new anime series I can geek out about....and also video games I can geek out about........
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    Charlie's Chocolate Factory
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    Non-denominational Christian
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  1. Brandon the man

    Creepers.... Help!

    Well everyone here's giving good advice, but just make sure to update here if anything else pops up from him. I've had personal creeper problems myself, and been the problem of creeping people out before... So just be careful, and if this happens to you with someone you know in person, tell them directly that you're not interested, don't tell a friend of a friend to tell them. I'll be praying about it, cheers.
  2. Brandon the man

    Are my standards too high?

    You don't have your standards set too high. In all honesty, the way your doing it should be the way most do, the amount of people I see that talk about how they got their girlfriend/boyfriend, and are mainly focused on what they'll get out of it, (like sex) is almost incomprehensable, and sad. I've never had a real "girlfriend" before either, mainly because people find me weird I think. (Seriously, the amount of looks I get from people makes me think I've got some sort of giant zit on my face or something.) To let you know though, I am 17, and I'm just now starting to get to know a girl that I like, and it's incredible, the person that's right for you will shine like a star amongst the cloud of shallow-minded girls probably at your local school. (Or neighborhood if you homeschool) If you keep looking and praying about finding the right one, God will show you to her, trust me, it's worth the wait, just keep your eyes on God and he'll be keeping his eyes open for you. To further drive my point in, because I know you want to read more of this, I have an affinity for a certain type of person, and it has to do with physical traits as well as personality. So far only one person has fit that role, and you said you went with more personality than looks, so you're fine. Happy hunting friend, I'll be praying.
  3. Brandon the man

    Who are you most compatible with?

    Actually, good point! I just now looked up ambivert and it's more like a scale, where you can fall in between, the thing is, most people or personality tests don't have that kind've difference, so if you have more introverted responses to some of the questions, you can guess it will choose introverted. I'm in the category where it mostly depends on my mood and the day, yeah I'm one of those guys, mood swings and all...
  4. Brandon the man

    Who are you most compatible with?

    I'm INFP, the same as ENFP, but only introverted in nature, which is quite something seeing as how I want to be an actor, and to the people I know I'm very outgoing. I've just noticed how absolutely incompatible I am with some personalities, I've happened to run across those people at school, and dang, I "screw up" everything around them. I do have to say though, their are some good benefits to being an introvert, your actions that are more extroverted mean that much more when you do them.
  5. Brandon the man

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    Yeah, very interesting relationship I bet... Did he ever say I "blub" you?!?! PUNS!!! But a 23 year old "lip virgin" I like that.
  6. Brandon the man

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    A pet fish?!..... Okayyy.... But yeah, I've only had one "girlfriend" before, I regretted that for many a reason.
  7. Brandon the man

    Sexual Sins (In Desperate Need of Help!)

    I can say with no doubt in my mind that I have the same problems and more... I've always tried to make it better, but I can't by myself... The thing is, it's to the point where I am looking up "different" things, like anime characters.... I feel so wrong and weird, I hate it.... The saddest thing for me is that I have a girl I really care about, and I want to let her know of my struggles, but I fear that I would scare her off with this. I need prayer, and if anyone else can relate specifically, feel free to let me know, because I feel quite alone right now...
  8. Brandon the man

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    I can say this much, I haven't kissed anyone yet, and in all honesty I'm glad, there is someone out there somewhere that I'm saving it for. It'll just depend on what happens in the future. And hey, I'm gonna be 17 in 4 months!
  9. This could just be me, but I really like the smell in the air you get during this time of year. It's a smell of joy, fun, happiness, acceptance, love, and nostalgia. I can't really describe it, I guess I just have a weird nose...
  10. Brandon the man

    CTF Marriages

  11. Brandon the man

    Ask A Girl.

    Thanks Marley, I really appreciate it, thanks for the advice, I really should work on self confidence, for me, I just have a really hard time expressing myself to others I don't know that well, that said, others have told me that I am really a nice guy when they crack me out of my shell so to speak, I was very happy to hear what you had to say, and that is why I love this forum, I can speak my mind.
  12. Brandon the man

    Ask A Girl.

    Hello everybody, I wanted to know something, I wanted to share some traits I personally have and I want to know your opinion if you think they are positive traits for a guy to have, starting off I am a germ freak, (only for certain things though like how the house looks and how clean my hands are) I try very hard to have humility, I make sure to not praise myself if at all possible, I respect women for what they have to go through, and I very much feel inferior to most women, because of how much I think there beauty outshines anything I deserve, I try to stay healthy and fit, also, I try to be very good at spelling and intelligence, also, I am a BIG video game guy, yes, I am good with interacting with others, and being social, also, I have been home schooled my whole life, and I have a issue with self restraint due to the nature of some circumstances that are very normal to guys, and last, I have kinda a inferiority complex (or self esteem problem) and that is all I could think of.
  13. Hi and welcome to CTF! =)

  14. Brandon the man

    Are all girls this way with guys?

    thanks guys, I needed that, theres just so much my mind can take before it explodes! I appreciate your guys help!